Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Won't you join me for a cuppa coffee (come look)? Happy Valentine!

This was our desert at last nights Valentine Day dinner. It tasted even better than it looked! Coffee was good too (come look if you didn't do it above).

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Yummm....looks good...Happy Valentines Day to you and Mrs. Jim.
Oh man, does that ever look good. Good thing I am on my way to bed or else I'd have to satisfy my sweet tooth.
BTW, I am old enough to be Dale Jr's mother, and probably Scott's grandmother for that matter. They are my "boys." I only have a daughter (no sons) so they fill that void. More so since I recently lost my son-in-law.
ok, Jim, you got me. I wanted to go and have some cake or so at least 30 minutes ago, but now that I saw this yummy-yummy chocolate cake on your blog, I need to go right away... not my fault. good bye.

Happy Valentine's Day! :-)
Can I have the mint leaf? Happy Valentine's Day to you and the missus.
That sure does look good! Not much fun here for Valentines day!
Jim, the cake is leaking something red. But I'd still try a bite.
The cake really tempts me. Happy Valentine's Day!
That cake looks SO yummy!
It is hard to resist chocolate.

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