Friday, February 06, 2009

Swamped -- or why I haven't posted lately

I've been enjoying a nice visit from my sister and brother-in-law, Lois and Jim W. [click any photo to embiggen]

My sister was visiting from Iowa. It was 5°F up there the first night she was here. We are in the mid 70's.

Here Lois and Mrs. Jim are inspecting the cow at the Blue Bell Creameries. We did a nice tour ($2.00 senior rate and included two dips of our favorite ice cream).

My niece and husband and family live on down south of Houston. They are the main reason for the visit. But generally they always spend a few days with us. They have the record for time spent in our guest room.

Anyone else coming to visit Houston is always welcome to use it as well. We are a very good place to spend the night coming in to avoid the rush hour Houston traffic. They leave the next day or a couple of days later (or stay a while).

Brother-in-law, Jim W, came here also. He didn't bring his golf clubs but may borrow some before they week is over.
This old truck was the 'modern' Blue Bell Creamery delivery in 1932 (it's a '32 Ford Model B).

After the creamery we went to several antique stores and antique malls in Brenham. Mrs. Jim didn't buy anything, Lois got another plate for her green old set of serving dishes.

This morning before send-off we had breakfast at our Club. See, the Jim Bunch Eats once more. Mrs. Jim had an 8:30 tee time so she had to skip for this time.

This was my plate. I had a omelet with two types of cheese, ham, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and onions. It was really good. That is salsa on the end for dipping my bites and catsup up front for smearing some bites. I put catsup on the sausage patty and potatoes. In the background is a small plate of fruit and a tasty biscuit. I topped it off with ample (several cups) coffee.

[large picture] [super size]

Mrs. Jim had made it back in time for a little more chat and to guard her car while BIL Jim W. backed out of the driveway. We had a nice send off.

They are good folks, we had independent backing on this opinion as our dogs like them both really well. They will stop by on their way back up north.

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It's nice that your sister came for a visit. I have been having computer problems so I have been out of blogland for awhile. I have a loaner laptop that I am using while they are checking out my monitor. I don't like this laptop. I can't type very well on it.
It has been a while since I have been up to the little creamry in Brenham......Blue Bell is my favorite ice cream....Had a bowl just last night.... Glad you had a nice visit.
Gday Jim looks like you had a lovely visit with your sister..that little creamery sound a nice place to visit..

Koala's are not hunted there a protected species.. the Koala's in pics were found on a freinds property were she has a lot of gum trees.and quite close to bush land...
Oh boy Mr. Jim
Your breakfast look so yummy!
See even with your Diverticulitis, you can enjoy some good meals.
Mom Golden always loves to go out for breakfast!
Nice that you got to spend some quality time with your sister and brother-in-law.
Nothing beats having time with the family!
My brother lives in Sumner, Iowa.
I guess your folks thought that visiting you guys was just like visiting Florida.
I mean Iowa sure has been having some cold times, compared to Texas,eh?
Well take care now. I just wanted to say top of the morning to ya Mr. Jim.
Give Adi a hug for me....Love Terry
Hey Jim, it's always better to have people around in real than just on the PC (but I missed you anyway ;-)

Have a nice weekend!
Hi Jim ~~ I am so glad that you had a nice visit with your sister and BIL
We seem to appreciate family more the older we get. I liked your
poem also - well done.
Thanks for your comments - glad you liked the kids deciding when to cuss.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
L & J don't seem to change. I'm glad y'all had a good visit.
Marilyn and I laughed a lot at the cars video.
6 more weeks of winter shouldn't effect you guys too much.
It's so nice of Mr Jim's sister to come for a visit =)

Please say hello to Mrs Jim :o)
How lovely to have them visit.

Your breakfast looks and sounds great Jim. You all sure do know how to find good eats!

Good poem Jim!! You are a poet and don't know it!! hehe!!
Hi Jim, they've got to be good folks if the dogs approve. It looks like you all had a good time anyway.
I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.
Eating once again, I see. I eat often too, also, but I don't think I go out to eat nearly as often as you do.
Going out to eat is very enjoyable!
MMMmmmmm, a creamery. That sound yummy!

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