Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Valentines Day Gift (way to the heart)

Jim's Valentine poem (Mrs. Jim said yes 36 years ago)

This may have to do for our Valentines Day outings. Of course there will be the usual chocolate and card thing. I'm pretty sure of that.

Not the red car, but the red "G's" is the red in this post.
I could say that Mrs. Jim took me out to eat
at our new Mexican Restaurant.
Tia G's is in Willis, about six miles from our home.

Okay, the "OPEN" sign is red too.

But the food is the way to this man's heart.

I couldn't eat all of mine, here is what is in my 'doggy bag.'

It wasn't the best we have around.
I'd say Taco Bell is a little better

From our antiquing at one of the antique stores in Brenham.
These are all cookie cutters, some on a red peg board.

I liked this old storage cabinet with all it's drawers.

I didn't ask where it came from but
the wording was written in an oriental characters
which I did not understand.

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Hello Jim,
Wow, I'm using my antiques for play purpose:
I am referring to your cookie cutters.
Mine are used for gingerbread cookies and salt dough figures.

The oriental chest of drawers was appealing. I think I had had brought that one home.. were it not in Texas.

A Happy Valintine's Day to both Mr. and Mrs.
from Felisol
Very interesting post Mr. Jimmie. I'm taking a quick break from my cleaning frenzy (cleaning just cant wait for spring in my area. It's gone before you know it and a person has to enjoy every waking moment outside ... not cleaning house ... that's what winter is for) .. I have a similar multi drawer cabinet that I use for a night stand (not as large) .. it came over from Scotland ... seems it was a once used in a dentist's office.
Wonderful reds for the meme Jim. But I just gotta say that Mexican food looks so scrumptious. It's one of my favorite foods....And even the refried beans. Yummy.

Thanks for the birthday wishes you left for me in my comments!!!
Dang me that looks good.
Boy, those Mexican restaurants always pile the food on the plate, don't they? Nice pics. Looks like you had some sunny skies, too. Enjoy the day.
Now I want Mexican food and it's nowhere near lunch time yet. Gee, thanks a lot! ;)

Tink *~*~*
NEW at My Mobile Adventures *~*~*: RED Signs at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Great Post! I really like the cookie cutters and the old chest. Have a great day!!

on the girls, question any regrets? no jim there was pleanty of time for all of it....girls scouts, music, singing, travel, school, sports, now with valentines coming up have to turn my self to the girl once again
Oh man. Bad Mexican is the best Mexican. Anything you can douse in queso dip is on the top of my craving list.
maybe it isn't the best Tex-Mex, but the food as presented, looks delicious. Hopefully their salsas and picante sauces are done in house. I wouldn't know actual Tex-Mex, although there are restaurants around New Haven, but I guess we northerners long for an authenticity you would probably find in your area. Isn't the saying "Only in Texas" or something like that!
Interesting meal! Happy Valentine's Day to both of U. :)
Hi Jim,
Taco Bell a little better huh? I bet Taco Bell is cheaper too. :)

I love that yellow cabinet. At first I thought it was some kind of old library cabinet for those long ago card catalog until you mentioned the writing. Still, I love the color and patina of the wood.
Hope you and Mrs. Jim have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
What a nice treat! Mexican food - well I say that about all food - is one of my favorites, especially quesadilla's. Interesting collection of photos. Hope you and Mrs. Jim have a wonderful Valentine's Day.
Hi Jim..I luv Mexican food because I'm from S. Cal. My husband is Hawaiian, Puerto Rican & enough Portuguese in there to believe that Taco Bell is the best Mexican food joint! Ha..course to be fair, he's from the Islands and that makes a big difference! He rather prefers a dish called pasteles made with green bananas..yes green-pork & chilis basically.
The last biggest antique store I was in was in Nevada which was pretty fun.
I was straining to see if that was some kind of green glass above the old storage cabinet? I love bottles.
Yes..you have enough red in there..nice post Jim-
love the wall of cookie cutters!!

and all those drawers - heaven!
gday Jim..
The jim bunch eats again..I must say I do like Taco's but not to spicy..the cookie cutters against the red looks goog...
Wow! The food is so delicious =)
There are so many Hispanics in our town we have several "Authentic Mexican" restaurants. Just looking at the food gives me heartburn. A good old hamburger or Filet for me.

Nice RT pics.
Great Ruby Tuesday post, Jim! The chocolate and card "thing" is my favorite part! Ha! I think that chest is for keeping medicinal herbs... :)
If it can be beaten by Taco Bell I'm not sure I would go back.
Hi Jim, it is my first time here and I want to say that I enjoyed reading your post. You got a nice blog in here. :)
Yummm.....Taco Bell is one of my favorites too....It looks like you took home a good bit of food. Glad you and Mrs. Jim are having fun traveling around your area...I love that old chest, I know that I could fill up every one of those drawers....lol.
Dear Jim ~~ Glad the Jim Bunch ate again. And your purchases look great.
Thank you so much for your comments and concern for Victoria and the dreadful fires we are having. I am safe here as far as I can tell, but so many have lost everything, over 1000 houses and nearly 200 deaths, though bot of those numbers will increase as they get to mere places
to search for bodies.
Take care, my friend and thank you again. Regards, Merle.
The Mexican food looks yummy! And I would say it looks better than Taco Bell.

Cool cookie cutter decoration and that antique cabinet almost looks like it was from an old apothecary shop. I think I've seen one before..

thanks for visiting my blog, Jim ~ I wish you and your sweetheart a Happy Valentine's Day ~
Hi Jim, check this out Lifesong I think you would like it :-)
Have you post for Sky watch friday?
I am happy you had fun with your family eating at the mexican restaurant! I love mexican food :)
Happy Valentine's day to you and your wife, all the best for your weekend my dear friends!

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