Monday, March 02, 2009

March 1, Barbie Doll turned 50. Shown, her 1979 Super Vette by Mattel.

March 2, Texas Independence Day, we became a nation 173 years ago.

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Mr Jim, you remember Barbie Doll's birthday =)
Happy independence day Jim.
Hi Jim! I always liked Corvette's, but never knew Barbie had one!

Say Hello to Mrs. Jim for me!!
March 1, 1867 is Nebraska's birthday. We have something to celebrate here too.

I'm too old to have had Barbie's, but my girls did.
Dear Mr. Jim.
When Betty and I were kids 55 years ago the dolls of the time were Debbie Reynolds dolls. They were hard to buy, but some how Mom Golden found one and bought it for Betty....Mom Golden always did love Betty better than she loved me!........Love Terry
Wow, so Texas soldiered on for 123 years without Barbie? You guys ARE tough!
A nation?
could any of them be racing in the klondike derbys jim??????
Hello Jim ~~ A belated happy Texas Independence Day. (My daughter's B'D)
Barbie sure went for the best of everything, didn't she?
Thank you so much for your comments and concern. I have had a terrible week, but the pain is reducing a little each day. I am so sorry you have had fires in Texas and hope no lives are lost. Ours have settled down at last and no immediate danger for towns, homes or ppl. Thank God.
Take care Jim, Regards, Merle.
Oh my. Do I feel old. Barbie was only 5 years old when I was born.
Yea! Texas independence!
I recognize that Barbie convertible!!
Hey, you wrote about Barbie and so did I. What a coincidence! I was asked to write a devotional for a women's retreat and use the title, "Barbie Doesn't Live Here Anymore." I decided to kill two birds with one stone and use the devotional for Blog Church.
Courtney had a battery operated red corvette when she was about two. She loved that little car.
Texas is a terrific state!! I like the way most of the people of Texas think.

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