Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Adi Can ............................................................................. do National Start a Walk Day

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Adi has already been walking for a long, long time. Twelve and a half years if you'd like to know.

We walk at least once a week, Adi would like to walk every day.

My cardiologist and my GP would like me to walk every day. My podiatrist said not to walk. That's two to one with Adi for walking, what do foot doctors know about these things anyway?

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The heck with the podiatrist. I'd rather have a good heart than good feet, anyway.
I'm with Fred.....I love walking..TF and I get out every evening, when we can, and walk. ADI looks like she's walking the wild grasses of What is she going to do when they mow?
Willie's happy with 1.5 hikes per week, although he's only half beagle.
Gday Jim. Keeping walking with Adi stay fit and healthy.
I will pass on hello to Peter ty Jim.
Peter lives about 1543 kilometers =roughly 960 miles from me I live in Victoria he in Queensland.a couple of days drive..
Yes walking is good for man and dog! You'll be relieved when those taxes are done, Jim! Hope you have a happy holiday! Thanks for commenting at my place! :)
Walking is good for Adi and for you. Of course, your feet may not think so, but the rest of your body really likes it when you walk.

I prefer walking to running.
Running makes me grouchy.


Happy Easter Weekend to you and Mrs. Jim!!!!!
Hi Jim, I've heard in the past that owning a dog is good for your health, the daily walks being one of the benefits another is the relief of stress due to petting them and the fun they give. Bob.
what me walk???what do you think i am, a dog???? walk, or ride my bike for easter weekend
I'm with Adi - let's go!
Did I mention I am coming to Texas next week? Can we stay with you for a few days?

April FOOL - + 11 days. :)
Dear Jim,
what's good for the dog is good for the dog-owner, don't you think?
Help keeping both Adi and yourself in shape.
What is wrong with your feet, that you should not use them, if I may be so free to ask?
My Gunnar has severe attacks of podagra (gout), he still is encourage to walk.

If my instincts serves me well, I guess you do what you feel is best.
Easter Morning in Norway.
He is arisen.
From Felisol

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