Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

From your family, Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Little Ben.

Big Ben is 150 years old today, it doesn't seem possible, does it? And he's still going strong! (

I've been to see Big Ben quite a few times but all were before I graduated to a digital camera. If anyone has a picture posted for me to 'borrow' for this post I will use it and give you credit.

Just let me know it's okay and where to find it.

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150 years! Happy birthday. :)
Your Ben's look like Papa Ben, Mama Ben and Baby
How old is Ben today?
We don't really know.
I'm waiting also for pics from the canal ride. Looks like it could be good. We're supposed to hit the upper 80's today. Too hot for me. May need to get the pontoon out today.
Jim ~ After Papa Ben, Mama Ben and Baby Ben, don't forget the NEW high-tech iBen! ~ jb///
LZ, yeah, iBen--ibeen there! Lots of times but not since I switched to digital camera. I am open to a picture donation. I can lift it off your blog if you let met. Thanks ahead of time.

Cliff, I am thinking Big Ben is some where in his late thirties. He was born on Leap Year Day so he only has a birthday once every four years.

Lucy, I wanted to say that but then what do we call Big Ben besides Big Ben?

Dora, thanks for peeking in and thanks for the BDay wish for Big Ben.

Gday Jim. Happy birthday Big Ben.Love your little Bens..
I have a photo some were of Big Beb ill try find it...
They grow up so fast.
I hadn't heard that it was Big Ben's b-day!
I'd love to see him first hand. Glad to know he's still ticking!


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