Sunday, May 24, 2009

My new haircut

I got me a haircut yesterday. My 'barber' asked me if I wanted my short golfer's summer haircut like I usually get this time of the year.

She was surprised when I told her I wanted this, picture at right which was hanging on her style wall. I told her it was in my preparation plans for transition into a Willie Nelson style.

Like I said before, I'm under the white flag for blogging until about June 1st. So I probably won't post again until around then.

Except for a Ruby Tuesday if I get it done.

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I don't know as you really need a transitional cut on your way to Willie Nelson but that's a good pick.
That's a nice, wispy, wind-blown hair style. I hope you grow yours out and get that very cool hairdo.
Then, the Willie Nelson hairdo, which as far I can tell is just a dirty, long braid.


Enjoy your blog break.
just don't think it's u
Dear Jim ~~ I don't know about that haircut or it being a lot like Willie
Nelsons. I have enjoyed your stories and photos from your Europe trip and
it all looks great. Good to see the Jim Bunch eat again!!
Thanks for your comments and yes the computer and I are doing well. Glad you liked the jokes. To be honest,I had never heard of a fence post turtle either. The point is it had to be put up there where it didn't belong, as it couldn't get there on it's own.
The joke is our Prime Minister is
a bit like that - up where he doesn't belong & not knowing what to do while he is like a fence post turtle. Hope that helped.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
oh, nice picture, that would be a good haircut for me (after it grew a bit more ;-)
but she made you look golfer-like, right?

have a good time (and see you in about a week again)!
If your barber can make you look like that, You should go for it.
Good luck with that new hairdo. At least you have enough hair to get cut.
I wouldn't mind my hair looking like that.
I wouldn't recommend it. Long hair is too much work.
did you see willie nelson kiss those three girls at the laker denver bb game...that dirty old man

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