Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adi Can --- Find red things for 'Ruby (Red) Tuesday'

[super large picture]

and things not so red:

The new service road is down the street at the end of the cul-de-sac. I don't think these neighbors appreciate it very much but we sure do. The new path for large trucks going down to the lake or to the sewer plant should not be going past our house any more. Or breaking our curb at the driveway when they made a wide turn.

These Lily-of-the-Nile (Agapanthus) plants (care and feeding link) are blooming again this year in our front yard. Adi can find blue as well as red.

On the left is daughter, Karen (link, her car). Mrs. Jim and I will be new grandparents around the end of July. BP is ready for her new little sister or brother. Karen was having printer problems and came up to print some invitations she needed to get mailed. BP came also, we had a really nice afternoon visit.

[The computer desk is sitting at the back wall of my office. One of these days I will show you more of it.]

I found these tow and their dogs walking across the back yard. I took the picture from my porch. Many will recognize the setting. (super large picture)

[Bentwater golf course rules say not to walk or anything else on the golf course or the cart paths. Anytime. Not many get arrested even though a lot are using it like these ladies did, before the golfers get to our hole # 11 (par five).]

I found these two last red and not so red items.

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Grandbabies are wonderful. Congratulations.

Have a terrific day Jim. Big hug. :)
Oh, boy...a new baby coming. We just got our very first GREAT granddaughter.
Congratulations... I will probably be dead before my daughter marries and has a baby.. if ever. She says she might try to adopt. But not now... she is only 23.
Dear Jim,
You always seem contempt with life as it is. In harmony.
It is uplifting to read your blogs whether they are domestic ones or from abroad.
Your smiling daughter also seems to look forward to becoming a mother again.
Very neat and slim she is for being so far in her pregnancy.
I'm sure Adi, like her master, is taking life one day at a time with great ease.
She looks better now than last time you posted.
Happy RT
From Felisol
The reds that Adi can find work just fine for RT!

That isn't a Nebraska Cornhusker red flag in the background - in the Lone Star State??

Your daughter is beautiful, and you are to be congratulated on a new grandchild. Will it be 'grandpa' or 'pops' when the youn'un salutes back??
Have some questions to answer here:

Sandee, thank you. Big hug. :) to you too!

BJ, Congratulations on your first GREAT granddaughter!

BJ and SRP, my grandkids are old enough to be parents but two aren't married and the married one probably won't have any. And BP is twelve.

Felisol, thank you. There isn't much point in being upset a lot because that won't help much of anything. Of course we have to blow off steam once and a while.
You seem to always have things together too and happy with your life.
I do think our faith in Jesus helps us a lot. We should let our lights shine is the way I feel.

Ralph, that is a Nebraska flag. The U/N is one of my alma maters. I stayed there long enough to learn that the big red 'N' stands for nowledge. Most Nebraska people (k)now that.
But I did get to Texas as fast as I could. I have been through the naturalization process and am now a 'natualized Texan,' paperwork and all.
A new grandbaby, how fun! I am glad that Adi can help you find blue as well as red. If you can find white, you'll be ready for the 4th of July.
Yay to no more trucks going by your home and WOO HOO to upcoming grandbaby, the end of July will be here before you know it! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, the first of my RT shares!
Tell Karen congrats from the Morrows and that we hope it gets over quickly for her. Exciting for sure.
Congats on the new baby coming

I'm going to be a first time Grandma on July 1 :)

love the shot of Adi partially hidden in the flowers
Jim - thanks for the visit. I did post my Midweek Blues! http://thedustycellar.blogspot.com/2009/06/cycle-of-life.html. Even though I'm the only participant...it did get a lot of lookers last week!
Congratulations on the upcoming blessed event. BTW-the flag looks like a Z to me.
Golf courses are usually so pretty they are very tempting to walk on or around. Could be kind of dangerous if you get in line of a ball.
Oh, Karen is pregnant! Bet that busy woman will have to slow down some now!! Can't wait to see the new arrival!!

I love those flowers. I didn't see Adi there behind them at first! They sure are pretty, and so is Adi!!
Congrats on new arrival.

Adi is looking good, as usual!
Great photos! Thanks for sharing.
Hi Jim,
Wanted to come by and say hi!
Lovely seeing Adi.
New grandparents - my second granddaughter was born in April - it's a wonderful experience don't you agree?
Take Care.

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