Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Home!

Just not in these pictures. They were taken at St. Luke's Hospital in Houston while the doctors were doing my thing.

Tim (son) met us in the parking lot at 5:30 AM Thursday. This nice long line awaited us.

The morning was typical hurry and wait. We had to come early in case the first patient did not show.

From here I would go to the prep room and wait until they took me away just a little after 10:00 . Thank goodness Tim, Karen, Billy, BP, and Mrs. Jim were there to keep me company during my wait.

It has been a long week and a long two days. I am teaching Sunday school this Sunday but worked my lesson pretty well up before I went to Houston.

I was 70% blocked in the artery that they stented, same as the one to my kidney that they will stent. Much more and I might have been hurting. The blockage was in this one before but only about 30% so they didn't stent it then.

These are my cardiologists, Dr. Krajcer is my doctor.

I am feeling just fine. Zochor will be my trial again dropping Welchol and Niaspan. We will see how the muscle cramps do this time.

Thought you might like to see how happy I looked in bed.

I had to lay flat on my back with my legs straight out for eight hours after they closed the incision in my upper leg. That was where they threaded the stent and stent guiding wires that would fish their way up to my heart.

I was hooked to this machine by radio telemetry. It went to the nurses station as well.

I was discharged just before noon today (Friday, June 27).

We had to go to Karen and Billy's to get Adi and Katrin as stayed there last night. As did Mrs. Jim.

Mrs. Jim wouldn't let me drive. I am on "light duty" for three days. Can't drive or lift more than five pounds. I can do everything else.

It was nice that LSU could hurry and win the College World Series before I had to go in. If they were still playing I would have had to postpone my coming.

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you are really a tough and strong guy,hope you will be in condition as soon as possible.I always love to see people with strong mind and peaceful heart.
Lookin' good Jim. It's really amazing what they can do these days.
oh i am so happy mr. jim because what would we ever do without you around...god bless terry

just to think that aamidst all that you knew that you might be going through, you never forgot your sunday school class and you will be there for them!
what an amazing man!
Jim, glad everything went well...It looks like you came out smelling like a rose...It sounds like you will be up and running by tomorrow... Just remember not to pick up a gallon carton of milk, let Mrs. Jim do that.

I liked your idea of using the egg cartons to recycle golf balls collected on the golf course...

When my son was in middle school, he would go to the creek, over by the golf course,and retrieve golf balls. When he got enough, he would take them to the putting range and sell them.....He made enough money to buy a ticket to
Did you get ice cream after? You should get ice cream after.
Hi im ~~ So glad you are home and doing well. These doctors are pretty darn smart aren't they ? Relief all round for the Jim Bunch.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
I am so glad you are better. I had knee and hand surgery just weeks apart, and it was nothing nice. Robert had eye surgery at the same time. I thought I would never type again. Rehap is not all its cracked up to be, and I am still in great pain. Can't blog too much as it take so long for me to type these days, but I am getting better. Thank goodness for my family I don't know what I would have done without them. But I am walking with a cane,and I doubt if I will ever be able to do without it for the rest of my life. It's a blessing nevertheless.

My prayers are still with you and your beloved family.
Alls well that ends well, eh Jim?
Just think, without modern medicine you might be in trouble.
I couldn't make that look like Lois in that picture from MN.
glad that you are home and doing good! :)

hi mr. jim.
how can i thank you enough for singing to amrita's mama the happy birthday song?
that dawg was trying to steal your job!
how can i thank you?
i have put a song in especially for you my good terry
dear jim,
welcome back.
i am proud of you, preparing your sunday school lessons in advance.
pray this day may be a special blessing to the jim family.
from felisol
It is always good to hear good news, and yours is very good. I am so glad you are back home and recovering well. Thank the Lord for medical technology and doctors with the skill to help heal our unwell bodies!!
Please obey the doc's orders and rest this weekend. You can milk it for all its worth and probably be waiting on hand and foot by the lovely Mrs. Jim.

You look way too happy in that hospital bed!!!
I'm thinking you know you are a blessed man.



Well Jim, you do look very happy in bed there! Comfy and happy.

I'm glad all went well and I trust you are taking it easy, like the doctor said, for these next few days.

Take good care of yourself and relax! Say hello to Mrs. Jim!
I'm glad you're home now!!

have been thinking of you

speedy recovery
Gday Jim, Glad to hear your home and doing so well. Do as the Doctor ordered take it easy and wishing a very speedy recovery..
Hi Jim ~~ Had to laugh at the above post withdrawn for lack of sincerity.
Anyway, I hope you are taking things easy and getting back to normal.
Glad to see you plan to do some blogging again. My small mind didn't
get the questions right either.
The crafty old rooster was going to stay in charge wasn't he?
Take care, Regards, Merle.
I'm glad you are back home and feeling fine. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as always.

Have a terrific day and do what Mrs. Jim says...well for a few days anyway. Big hug. :)

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