Friday, June 19, 2009

SkyWatch Friday (my twenty-nineth) -- For my friends up north -- Have you had your car read lately? #017

Some clouds for the Midwest U.S.

[left: large - super size] [middle: large - super size] [right: large - super size]

We are in the middle of a drought again with burn bans all over the place.

I just though you all might want to see what our Sky looks like around here. All of the moisture in these clouds is headed north where they are getting plenty. Al Gore, please hurry up there, they are needing you!

The top picture was taken from the St. Luke Tower across the street from the Houston Medical Center. My cardiologist,

Dr. Krajcer (
link), has his office on the top, 27th floor. I go every six months for tests, this time it was a stress EKG, a Peripheral Vascular Test, and Lab (blood) tests.

I will get my results Monday. No major problems expected but I took myself off one of my cholesterol meds as my muscles were deteriorating and painful.

Read my Car (like posts - link) -- We know what you're doing
Midwesterners, rent one of these if you get to Barcelona (Spain)

[large picture] [super sized]

These little cars for two were all over Barcelona. I don't know how the audio works. It could be GPS directed, 'key on the map numbers' or dial 1-900-555-5555.

Check em out if you go. I'd pick a day like we did, rain might be troubles. In more ways than one.

What Midwesterners do for fun

Looks like they are all watching the little fish swim near this Duluth (Minnesota) peer.

That is my sister, Lois, waving to us from the front white pad. (behind the guy with the red coat sitting in back of the people on the same white pad--if you were having trouble finding her)

Wait, that was a ship way out there! Oh yes, these ships come through to the port several times a day. Not quite like Houston where one or more comes every few minutes up our ship channel.

Either way, both these activities are free so what the hey? Why not. Kids love it too!

NOTICE: You are not welcome in Houston and please do not come if you do not look us up while you are here!

Now back to the fish watching. The ships are gone for a while.

Other Participants and How to Have Your Own Skywatch

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Big river, even up there, huh?
I really like the pics of the peer.... and they are great enlarged..have a great weekend and happy skywatching. cheers.
Apparently you're too far South. I just did a Midwest loop and it was soaking wet and GREEN (extra green) everywhere.Hope it spreads to you soon!
Terrific shots! Looks as though everyone is having fun in the sun!

Have a great weekend!
Lovely skies !!!

I'm sure your turn for rain will come soon. We've been in a drought for awhile here, but over the last few weeks we have been drenched with rain...
Hi Jim, Thanks so much for keeping tabs on me. Thank you also for you and Mrs. Jim's prayers. I'm just crazy busy right now. If you can believe this, I don't even have a lot of computer time anymore. It has been six weeks since I started this full time job and I'm just really trying to stay afloat right now. The route is done July 23rd so that will free me up a lot but I have to get to that day.

I do stop in from time to time to see what you are up to. A lot of times it is on my break at work. I view you and a few others blogs on my phone.

Thanks again,

Okay Jim, just do a rain dance or two!! Make sure you video and share it with us when you do!! :)

If my doctor was on the 27th floor I might have more stress than normal!

Loved all your pictures.

If I ever come to Houston, believe me, I'd look you up!!
Oh, Happy Father's Day Jim!!
Hi Jim, our grass is pretty crispy too... Actually some of it is down right dead... TF has been watering like crazy, but it doesn't seem to help.... I sure hope we get some rain soon....

On your post below, the new street looks nice.... And you and ADI walk that golf course, don't you?

BTW: Happy Father's Day.
Great skywatch shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs
Jim, didn't mean to offend the French....
We have finally had two days without rain. I can't handle it. But I shouldn't worry because rain is in the next couple of days' forecast.
Gday Jim great pics enlarged them all for a better look.
Were been in drought for 4 years, but as i type I can hear rolling thunder Hope we get a downpour. we are in Winter after all
Dear Jim,
Your blue Texan sky is envoyed all over the globe.
Don't you dare to complain!

I appreciate the pix from Duluth, Minnesota.
I presume you know the one superimportant person, one of the world's all time top 100, who was born there in 1941.
Right; Zimmerman!
I wish you all a wonderful midsummer, or St. John's Eve, we call it.
From Felsiol
Dear Jim ~~ Thank you so much for the e mail and that is a really great joke but I have posted it- I think as "God learns about Lawns."

I do hope all goes well with your procedures on Thursday. Will think of
you and send a prayer above. Best of luck and I hope you have a minimum of pain and discomfort. Get well soon. Take great care, my friend.
Best wishes, Merle.

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