Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Update -- 2009-07-27 -- A this and that

Mrs. Palin is officially a civilian now. It happened either yesterday or day in her mind. Depends upon how she ended the day.

I hope her successor is more kind to the wolves, poor creatures. And the polar bears who are diminishing in population.

That reminds me of a joke I read someplace about politicians.

Did you hear about the politician who refused to listen to her conscience?

She didn't want to take advice from a stranger.

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What not to wear to work:

Link to a nice little article from Forbes On-line, By Laura Sinberg, (Picture is from that on-line article)

I am retired but my son Mike is my fashion director for the way I dress in the subdivision. He thought my raggedy shorts and holey shirt had to go.

Mrs. Jim is my fashion director for my leisure and in public dressing. She is fairly liberal but does make sure I have not missed any belt loops or forgotten to zip my pants up.

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Sounds like Mrs. Jim balances well. Is that the new grandbaby?
Yes, I've thrown away all of my strapless golf shirts and see thru shorts.
I hope Sarah has more time to go hunting now.
Dad, did you really admit to going to see Lyle Lovett live? You probably lost a litle of your readership with that revelation.

Jim, I think wolf hunting in Alaska is a bit like deer hunting here in Texas..... I don't like hunting as a sport, but rather for food. I wish Sarah Palin luck in whatever she decides to do.

My daughter likes to watch that show, "What not to Wear"... She likes being my fashion
I wouldn't mind so much hunting them for food, or even sport. Of course the Indians and Eskimos there can hunt fairly freely.

Rather, they are dumping by airplane a slow acting poison which kills them in a few days.
They make no attempt to clean up the dead wolves, I am afraid that the food chain that eats them will then die or get very serious stomach injuries.
Like our Adi when she had HGE. Only she didn't die, we took her to the emergency animal clinic where they kept her a day plus.
Dear Jim,
From what I've seen, your stylists are very competent.
Discreet colors and patterns are your trade mark.
How many ways can you vary a pair of shorts?
Not that I have any at all.
One can always spot an American tourist from afar.
His teeth are chattering with cold, as he comes strolling in a brand new knitted wool pullover, cowboy hat and his shorts.

I have seen some of that kind, that's true. Even so the Americans are always smiling and well seen guests all over our country.
It's something with their upright politeness and their willingness to see and explore and finding things marvelous.
Who can resist that?
Not me.
From Felisol
PS Missing baby report. How are the grandparents?

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