Friday, July 24, 2009

Texas Sky Pollution -- Looking At the Sky

City folk don't stand much of a chance to see the pretty blue sky and lovely varied assortment of clouds we have to look at. Oh, we can see them but often times more predominant in our line of sight is a visual blight. I call this 'sky pollution.' Some call it 'visual pollution.' [click on each picture for large size]

These pretty clouds are found in Willis, Texas, at the intersection of FM 1097 and Interstate Highway 45. We are north of the Houston P.O. about forty miles.

On that corner, with their corresponding signs gouging our visual appreciation of the sky, are a Shell gas station (with Taco Bell), a Texaco gas station (not shown--with a fast food chicken place), and this Jack-in-the-Box from last week.

You might ask what is on the other corner? Have a peek below:

I don't know how long this United States Flag on the commercial lot will last. It is prime property and is for sale.

There are two types of drivers that I don't like to follow. Thank goodness this one is turning off. His diesel puts out huge clouds of black smoke which I could never catch with the camera. I do believe that is worse than the smells coming from the outhouse he was moving.

And this one? You could advertise your own business interest on this large Texas sized commercial sign. There are others along the road from our subdivision over to I-45 but you would be bored. I will keep you posted if anything interesting shows up.

The other type driver to avoid following? A person driving a Lincoln Town Car. They are terribly slow and very unpredictable with their maneuvers.

And I suppose we must give Rachel an exception, I know she drives her big Town Car carefully. She does speed a little. ('Speeding Along' link) (her entire blog)

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My sister has a Lincoln Town Car and I dare you to keep up with her. She has a lead foot. I just hang on.

Have a terrific day Jim. Big hug. :)
Everything is Texas is really big - including the sky!
Well, Sandee, I might give your sister a try. Of course I could keep up with her and get ahead when I'm driving my Mustang!

Ralph, we have a song about that, the big skies in Texas. But since I am not a UT fan I never did learn the words. It is a silly song.
So many things get in the way of your view of the sky. I love that you still look, though.

I hate diesel fumes, too. Ugh!
Lincoln Town Cars are usually private car service here in NY
used to see them lined up on Wall Street waiting for the thieves - uh - brokers

your skies are still lovely, polluted or not
It's actually the power lines that bum me out. You can stand many places in this world that look entirely wild and imagine you're exploring someplace new and then see the power lines.
Nice wordplays n pics.Do chk d one out on my blog!Hope u hvn't forgotten me!I'm sorry I disappeared due to academic reasons.
Great pictures!
Pretty skies Jim. I hate smelling the diesel fuel too. Yuck!

I no longer have the Lincoln. I now drive a Buick Century. I don't let any grass grow under the wheels of it either!

I wouldn't mind having a Lincoln Navigator! They are probably gas hogs though.
Lovely pictures

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