Thursday, August 20, 2009

A visit with my granddaughter -- MidWeek Blues -- This and that

Posted Wednesday on my Photo and Poem Place blog [link]:

These are a conglomerate of SOME of my this week's Monday activities. On Monday I saw my cardiologist at the Houston Medical Center. We decided to postpone putting in another stent, this time to my left kidney. It is about 50% blocked but we will watch it and I will come back in December for another sonogram.

And now for a peek at the granddaughter. This is Jenna, she is a senior Marketing (Supply Chain Distribution major, Finance minor) student at the University of Houston. We are soooooo proud of Jenna, she is making wonderful grades too.

Her picture here is in front of the Finance Association student organization. She is Corporate Relations officer, first after the vice president in ranking. Last year she was Community Relations Officer and did a really bang up job with that.

We had lunch at Niko Niko's Greek Restaurant and then came to the U of H bookstore where Grandpa got do some serious shopping with his credit card. Afterwards she showed me the new Business Administration building. It sure did beat the old one where I spent so much time working for my B.S. in Economics degree.

We are all so proud of Jenna. Way to Go Girl! Oh yes, she invited me to the Rice/U of H football game with her too. Can't beat that.

This pretty blue high rise was perched McGreggor Blvd. That was coming back from the doctor on my way for the lunch engagement with Jenna.

This nice old house was also on McGreggor Blvd. The neighborhood is going down some but the house still are grand considering their day.

This was a half way decent poker hand, a full house, as shown on my Mustang odometer. It had 50K on it when I got it as a three-year-old in 2001. 30,000 miles on a car in eight years is pretty small considering I drive around in the U.S. fourth largest city (6,000,000 plus metropolitan area population) of Houston, Texas.

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These three comments were on my other blog when I copied it over to here:


At Wednesday, August 19, 2009 2:06:00 PM, Sandee said...
Jenna was the best part of this. I've a granddaughter and when they excel it makes us so very proud. I so understand.

Have a terrific day. :)

At Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:55:00 PM, shraddha/april@theselfloveproject said...
Jenna is a such a cutie!!

Thanks Jim for your support..

Yes Jim, I did mean winter is!!!


At Thursday, August 20, 2009 7:29:00 AM, Poetikat said...
Very nice looking grand-daughter you have. You must be extremely proud of her accomplishments.
I hope your health problems are resolved. Take care of yourself.

I like the blue high-rise.

She's a beauty too. You're right to be proud, although I bet Mrs. Jim has the right to be prouder.
Jenna is so smart and pretty =)
Jenna's lovely and you have every reason to be proud. Love the 'blues' in in the high rise. I don't drive much any more and have just 58,000 miles on my almost ten year old Ford Explorer ;--)
Thanks for your recent visits to my various blogs. Glad you're enjoying my mosaics and my sister's photos. I need to reassure you that there's nothing 'staged' about Molly's visits to the little white house with blue trim where Jenke once lived. She's over there all the time, even when I do my best to keep her home. I'm playing 'catch up' this morning (before I head over to swim at 8:45) after a much too busy week away from the computer ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Jenna is a good looking gal. Smart too. Good deal.
Funny you should mention pop. We had a discussion with a few folks last week in Denver. We wondered aloud about the pop of the metro areas of Houston as opposed to Dallas. Do you know which is biggest?
Good question, Cliff.

Metro area in 2008, Dallas was larger.

Dallas Metro: 6,300,006 (4th largest)
Houston Metro: 5,728,143 (6th largest)
Delaware Valley: 5,838,471 (5th -- includes Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD MSA)

Houston City: 2,242,193 (4th largest)
San Antonio City: 1,351,305 (7th)
Dallas City: 1,279,910 (8th)

These cities are far behind NYC with its 8,363,710 people. L.A.(3,833,995) and Chicago (2,853,114) are next.

Wikipedia for cities
Wikipedia for MTAs
Dear Jim,
Your Jenna is a most charming young lady. Very good looking, with an attitude not too modest or too proud; just perfect.
Indeed you should be proud of her and vice versa. She has an one in a million granddad, and she's perfectly aware of it.
Hope to see some pictures from the match!

Both Gunnar and I have had stents to our hearts. I didn't like it a bit. I actually made so much fussed, I got over-sedated.
It was the 8 hour waiting in a cold and lonely attic that made me so naggy, low blood-sugar, is my excuse.
Anyway the tranquillizers put an end to that.
Hubby Gunnar did not complain at all.
I'll have to talk with our family doc about the kidney stent. Gunnar has had severe troubles for 9 months with dysfunctional kidneys.
Maybe a sent could open up the blockage?
I think we'll have to buy an all-covering travelinsurance and take a trip to Texas. I think you've got the highest rated hospitals in the world.

Funny to read about Metro Huston,, bigger than all the population of Norway. (we are 5,5 millions.)

Did you know today is Terry's birthday?
She is a bit under the weather for the time being.
I know she would appreciate your wonderful birthday song.
For a man who has been kicked out of the choir,(never heard about a such impolite deed before),
you indeed have spread much joy with your singing all around the world.
Bet the lousy choir can't compete at all.

Someday we'll all gather in that phenomenal choir in heaven. I bet old Händel is the conductor.
Oh, that'll be the day.
From felisol
my son is a financila grru...worldwide////

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