Sunday, September 27, 2009

A dog story -- about the dog who came to visit us kids at school one day -- Sunday night / Monday morning funny

For my Sunday night reprieve, and repast, I'll tell you about the large brown dog who came to school on day during our noon lunch break.

It was a very pretty dog; all of us kids (all seven or eight in that one room school house) petted it. The teacher said be careful as the dog looked a little scruffy.

But this dog was so cheerful and wanted some loving that us kids could give him or her. And it did love us in return for our love, and partly for the lunch scraps we gave it.

Just about time for the end of noon recess, which was eat and then go outside and play tag or any-I-over, the dog decided it to poop.

And poop and poop that dog did. His (ladies don't have these problems do they) poop was bright yellow, very large in volume, and you know, I don't think it smelled bad.

The entire poopy mess there in the schoolyard was yellow. Mustard yellow.

Now kids like to give their pets enduring names. To this day those of us who get together to relate old times with who ever will gather with us call this dog "The Mustard Dog."

I may have found Mustard Dog again. He would be very old by now, especially in dog years. But Diane, my blogging friend in New Jersey, found a large yellow mess a couple of days ago on the sidewalk. Of course when a blogger finds something so worthy of passing along his knowledge on the subject he blogs about it.

You can click here to see the pile she found. Even though Mustard Dog would be extremely old now, this might be his dirty work. And since the pile Diane found is so much smaller--old dog size--than the one us kids watched being prepared, perhaps, just perhaps Mustard Dog still lives and has moseyed up there to New Jersey

My fitting cartoon for the Monday.

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Now that's some yellow poop for sure. Bwahahahahahaha.

Have a terrific day Jim. Big hug. :)
Mustard Dog is a great name. Yeah, that dog would surely be pretty old by now.
Oh man oh man oh man. I'm gonna quit eating and reading your blog at the same time.....

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