Saturday, September 26, 2009

-- Six Word Saturday --

Do you know what I don't?


We came but you were gone.
We don't know where you went
else we'd go there with you.

A trail of crumbs would show
but birds by the number
do hum a happy song.

How can we ever know
why you have gone or where
you went? We may never.

Copyright © 2009 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

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These lawn chairs were a part of Mom's treasure. They were always on the glassed-in front porch on the farm. When she and Dad moved in to town they were there on the front porch again.

The whole family has spent many a morning, afternoon, or evening reading and watching any traffice that would go by. I remember when Dad got them new, now they are about 65 years old.
They are sitting the driveway with only a few bolts holding them together. Repaint and storage for winter is their hoped for upcoming fate. Those bolts left are tougher than I am. I will have some help and better tools to finish that part of my job.

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One of my favorites of your poems. Five stars.
Great Poem Jim! I want thoes chairs...they just don`t make them like that anymore!
Talking about Do?a Ana Range...did you ever venture into Club 54?
Chairs tell a story... ;)

best wishes
You should fix those chairs up. I bet they would last another 50 years.
Happy SWS!
good coat of Krylon makes new
Hi Jim ~~ Great story about the old chairs and the poem about them.
I do not wish to do the 6 word thing
but just for you, here is what I'd say ~~ "Life is good, I am content."
Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the school friend story. It
sure makes us think how our words and
actions can be used to help others.
Take care, Cheers, Merle.
This is what I know:
only what you choose to tell—
and not a word more.

My Shadow Shot
What a great 6 Word Saturday. I love my old treasures that have been passed down from generation to generation.
I remember those chairs! My grandparents had a set and as children we always bounced on them till we got yelled at.
Those chairs really do look like they tell a story :)
Very cool post. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for playing 6WS!
Very nicely written! That brought a pang to my heart.

The great thing about those old chairs is, once you get them spruced up, they'll be just as good as new!
lovely poem!
If only those chairs could talk! Those kind of chairs are very comfortable I always thought.

Great poem Jim!!
lovely touching poem that honors the passing of time
I am so glad the chairs will be warm and safe for the winter

I look forward to see them painted
Great six words Saturday. I am wondering what is your one single impression for this week. Looking forward to your new post.
wow! so touching

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