Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween Guys -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- The Jim Bunch Eats again

These fellows wait at the doorstep of our friends. I think they were inviting us in. Anyway we did go in. We play 42 (domino game) once a month and it was the couple that lives here turn to host.

[large picture] [extra large]

Hosting involves more than just playing dominoes. First we always eat a nice meal that the host has prepared. This was chili night for the six of us couples. That included Bud and Brenda, our hosts. Thank you guys, it was all delicious.
[large picture] [extra large] . . . . . .

Yes, I know, this isn't chili. We had the most wonderful peach cobbler for desert. It was topped with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

. . . . . . [large picture] [extra large]

This little quick meal was last Sunday after church. We were in a hurry so decided not to eat with the rest of the group at a larger sit-down restaurant.

Instead we opted for Taco Bell. That was a nice choice, both of us ate for less than five dollars before tax. This was because of a very generous senior discount.

We had a nice beef taco with trimmings, two chicken soft tacos with lettuce, a bowl of refried beans and rice and cheese, an order of nachos, and two Diet Pepsi (we would have liked Diet Coke better, but Taco Bell only has Pepsi products).

We also met a very fine fellow eating there who has a motor cycle shop in Omaha, Nebraska. We talked football and growing up around Omaha just a bit.

I brought this up because I might run away to Waco, Texas, this weekend for my birthday. Nebraska Huskers are down to play football against Baylor. This may very well be a good game. Both teams score a lot, Baylor is exceptionally good this year, and Nebraska, quite frankly, stinks this year.

Speaking of birthdays, I just found out that Terry has made me a birthday cake, has the squirrels singing the Happy Birthday Song to me, and has made a very nice special Ruby Red Birthday Blog
just for me. Please go see it, she has worked so very hard, I know. You will agree. Thank You, Terry.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list.
Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there.

And if you haven't seen our granddaughter in a spell, please scroll down to the next post. She is getting so clever! Just like her PapaJay.

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i love your little guys on the porch..they are indeed very welcoming
How did it get to be Tuesday already? Time does so fly.
I love the greeters at the door.
The food didn't look bad either.
boy you sure are fast for a guy almost what?.. 108 years old?
i have just started on my ruby red and bernie had to take most of the pictures for it!
how come food always look so good in texas and how come you and mrs. jim are so thin and WHERE is adi????
love terry
Jim, Happy Birthday to you! The Italian toast for a birthday is "cent'anni!" It means I wish you 100 years more! I'm always hungry after your posts, Jim, I wonder why??
Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)
I love Taco Bell. We don't eat out often, but this is one place that's on our list when we do. The peach cobbler and ice cream sounds divine.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
i love your little fellows. They sure looks very nice and welcoming! happy birthday! The food looks yummy too. happy RT!
Cute greeters at the door, I love peach cobbler. Oh so Yummy. Happy Ruby Tuesday.
those really look yummy!

u may view mine if u have time
Great shots! Love peach cobbler and Taco Bell!

Your meals never disappoint. Imagine if I could eat one.
Happy birthday, Jim.

Yes, the greeters definitely wanted you to enter. And what a deal to eat for such a frugal price. But why did you have to show us the cobbler? Now I'm so hungry!
those little guys are just too cute!
Happy Hallooween
The scarecrows are not scary, but endearing as they keep the predators away from the gourds they seem to be protecting.

Taco Bell is an occasional treat here, quick and tasty (although many of their drive thru windows around CT seem to alter our orders).

Wow, Harry Husker! I once had a red sweater purchased in Omaha with that smiling mascot. Unique to see on New England...
I love the red boots on your decorations :)

KP has a wonderful smile
Hey Happy Birthday Jim. That peach cobler looks great just like my grandma use to make. HRT
The scarecrows are so cute! I need something like that for my house! You can't go wrong with Taco Bell!!!
Dear Jim,
Happy upcoming birthday.
I guess young baby KP will be married, before you become a three digit man.
Miss Terry sure do know how to twist and turn the numbers.
A good thing she doesn't play neither card nor dices.
Baby KP sure is a wonder with her costly smile.
I guess you are having a good time, even if she's not having Pepsi and taco quite yet.
Maybe a little cream for your birthday cake?
From Felisol
nice Halloween decors at the doorstep.. Great food!!! Glad to visit here..
All this talk of food, I am now starving.

The front porch of your friends' house is adorable.

Sean the Vampire - Part Six - A Halloween Recap
I popped over to wish you a happy happy birthday Mr. Jim....I think I first visited you when you were 106....and being the bad blogger I am missed 107...but anyways...happy happy birthday...and hello to Mrs. Jim

Very nice, and delicious!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM!!! I saw another Ruby Tuesday dedicating her post to you and celebrating your b-day!!

Go Big N!!

My Ruby Tuesday is big huge LIPS this morning...come by if you can?

Click HERE
do you know what i have out on my lawn rithgt now????????a wheelbarrow full of rotten squash with a danish wooden shoe from a dead dane 7 pumkings. and an orange light lighting it alll up......it is being push by a white ghost"tommy stonebreaker, the dean dane whose shoe i have...i am really into geneogy as you can telll
Good thing I just ate or I'd be running to the kitchen for a snack. That cobbler looked good. Nice to have good friends like that.
Was just about to head on the the next place when I saw "happy birthday' in Mary's comment, so... Happy Birthday!
Just a note to tell you that somehow you show up in Pigeon Falls tomorrow.

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