Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving -- Yes, it's Monday before already

I will be reading and leaving some comments.
Don't know how much I will post until afterward.

Our Thanksgiving?
1. Daughter, Karen: “We will have it at our house this year.”
2. Daughter. Karen: “Can you have it at your house, my in-laws aren’t coming this year?”
3. Mrs. Jim: “Oh sure, come on up. You haven’t seen our new floors yet.” (Mrs. Jim’s sister from Louisiana and OM are coming, so we will have eight.)
4. Jim: “I don’t want you to do all that cooking and stuff. We will eat the buffet this year. I made reservations for 12:30. You can peek at the menu here.”

Remember this from last year?

Now she's selling her book. And signing a few of them.

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Found this guy from Sandee.

This guy is pretty smart.
His maker is very creative.

Click on him.

Then click on the PLAY button you see.

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TEACHER: Millie, give me a sentence starting with ' I. '
MILLIE: I is ...
TEACHER: No, Millie..... Always say, 'I am.'
All right... 'I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.'

[got that from a chain e-mail, you might have also]

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The animator v animated wins my link of the year award, I think.

Happy Thanksgiving.
I love Sarah. I don't see a political future for her, but I love her spunk. Everyone else makes the bucks with books, why not her.

Have a terrific day. :)
That stick figure guy is very creative. i really enjoyed that.

Thanksgiving MeMe
Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, Jim. That animation was great!
I am afraid Palin would be as bad a President as Obama but for a different reason.
Have a great Thanksgiving.
Jim, I think Sarah Palin is not Presidential material but I like her anyway.... Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mrs. Jim and the family....
That animation was too cool. I have a degree in education, I got a kick out of that joke! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Mr. Jim!!!
I is impressed with your stick man.

Happy Thanksgiving to all down there.
Dear Jim,
happy thanksgiving to you and your extended family.
About the food; We'll do something similar for Christmas. I'll buy a truck load of "Christmas buffet" dishes and bring them to my mother's home for the six of us to enjoy.
This way we are well supplied till forth day of Christmas!
Sarah Palin makes me laugh, maybe for the wrong reasons.
I'll have to send Serina over to admire your animation figure. She's an animation film fan.
From Felisol
hi mr. way will you only get a few comments on this post!
i saw you over at felisol's, on the far side of the sea and your comment brought back a couple of memories to me.
that metal tub hanging on the old red farm building got me back to thinking.and so did your comment.
you said that your mom used to bath your sister in one of these tubs and then you would be bathed next in the same water.
well when we finally graduated to a nice white indoor bathtub, mom golden used to do the same thing except that she would first let betty and me bath and then after us teddy and gary were dumped into the same water.
you know jim, the golden kids gave the real meaning to the golden ring around the bathtub!
too bad mom golden couldn't have cashed it in!
another memory that the metal tub gave me mr. jim was the one of two times that my sister, betty was ever mad at me.
when i was fourteen and she was fifteen, she nearly broke my heart when she got a boyfriend and i was put on the back burner.
i was so jealous that one time when he was there, i looked up an old picture of the time that mom golden or somebody had taken a photo of betty in that old metal bath tub when she was barely two.[and she WAS barely TOO.. hahaha]
to most eyes i suppose that this was a pretty cute picture, but i am telling you THAT day there was a pretty embarrassed and mad teenager when i showed that picture to her beau, larry galbraith!!
i will have to tell you another time the second and last event that made betty mad at me.
boy sixty years knowing my big sister and only two times mad at a brat like me...that sure is a wonder, eh mr. jim?
now i will wish you a happy thanksgiving here but i have something special on my blog on thursday...the fourth thursday of november when the americans will be celebrating the day and thanking the lord for his great blessings.
hey mr. jim, did you see over at the teaches'., the little girl in a video singing, "count your blessings".
it is just so choice mr, jim!
take care mr. jim and thank you for your visit
give adi a squeeze from me and give her a little dark meat from the drum stick, eh? terry
Somehow we got those tubs to school too. All, teacher included, would bob for apples at our Halloween time party.
[The galvanized wash tub Felisol, Terry, and I are talking about]

We had around eight inn our grade 1 -8 one room school house. After the second grade I never had another kid in my class until high school when there were three for the first two years (I rode my horse to that school).
happy thanks giving Jim!!!

Sarah is a free entertainment..
omg that animation is too too cute..
have a wonderful day Jim

Hope sends a big hug to KP :)
happy thanksgiving
Happy thanksgiving. May the Jim Bunch throw down epically.
#1:I'm so sweet - encourage me to play . . .
#2: . . . getting bored here - and tired!
#3:Ooh, you caught me - just having a giggle!
#4: Time to relax - wow!Catch the smell of that grass!!

I like #2 best though it's very hard to choose as Adi's so sweet!

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