Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday night / Monday morning -- on Tuesday with an old blonde joke

Right away you can tell that I'm running behind this week. This post might even be my MidWeek Blues post. Guess not, there isn't a picture.

We are in the process of cleaning up after our floor replacement and putting the things stuff we really do want to keep back where it might look pretty and be useful.

AN OLD BLONDE JOKE: (I found this in a book to be thrown away donated to the Friends of the Library being used for a book marker--I suppose where I quit reading that book.) (Any way that's why it is old, it was in an old book that I was reading back in the 1980s')

The blonde was so happy about her new toilet facilities.

"It's even got a star on the door," she said excitedly. "Well, not exactly a star, but real close--its a new moon!"

I will return comments when or if I get time for that. I am pretty well caught up on comments for now. so it's okay for you to leave a comment. Especially if you like my blonde jokes, there was another.

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That's cute Jim!! I'll bet your floor is really pretty and it's nice to have it finished.

Say Hi to Mrs. Jim for me!!
Blonde jokes are just so fun. There is just so much fodder about blondes. I'm thinking about dying my hair a different color. Just saying.

Have a terrific day Jim. Big hug. :)
Sweep away.

Tuesday's Tales in Two Hundred - Going In Circles
Ha! I love blonde jokes!
Wow - -that joke is older than flush toilets -- and you were reading a book when it came out? Then you must be ancient! ;) (You set yourself up for that!)

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