Thursday, December 03, 2009

Got this e-mail from a relative of mine:

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Got this e-mail from a relative of mine:

Yes, the jokes have started:

The only person who can beat Tiger Woods with a club is his wife.

What is the difference between a car and a golf ball? Tiger can drive a ball 400 yards.

Tiger crashed into a fire hydrant & a tree. He couldn't decide between an iron and a wood.

Perhaps Tiger should use a driver.

This is the first time Tiger ever failed to drive 300 yards.

This will teach him to play a round.

And there are more...Love, (the relative)

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OK, those are good but enough about Tiger.
no comment :?

do like the shot of
(the moving pottie :)
Yes, they are all over the place. You got to poke fun at someone. It's his turn.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
What? What happened? No. Just kidding. I know. unfortunately. But the jokes are funny.

Name That Christmas Song
I've always admired Tiger Wood. Marrying a Scandinavian leopard was possibly his biggest miscalculation.
From Felisol
Those jokes right there are why I decided not to become rich and famous. Make a mistake and they come out of the wood work.
yes mr. jim..i agree with ralph.
you know i kind of didn't respect tiger , the way he treats his cady man and sometimes he throws his club and is a bad sport when he doesn't make the shot right, but you know what?
when i first heard about this accident, i felt bad for him.
like ralph, i am really glad that people don't know the bad things i have done in my life!
the people can all stay in the woods! terry
jel is always such a sunbeam, don't you think mr. jim? terry
Poor Tiger. I feel sorry for him. Who can now separate truth from fiction. Then the jokes.
oh shoot!...i forgot to ask you mr. jim, if this iittle johnny on the spot would fit into the little red car's trunk.
we would use it when we go west.
we have so little packing room so it would do two jobs.
we could use it for packing stuff into and then at night we would unpack it and use it for the second job!..hahahaha
the toilet seat is just a perfect match for the little red car!
love terry
HA! Those were awesome!
shoot...tiger is all over the news!!..he he...nice one :)..
Hi Jim ~~ Poor Tiger - the jokes are funny, but he didn't do those things on his own. It takes two to tango and those girls knew he was married.

Wow - your weather is cold. It has been very nice here late 20s C
but it will get hotter.
I really like Mark Twain too and love a lot of his sayings and writings. Take care my friend,
Regards, Merle.
Tiger sure is making the news these days and not about his golfing!! I hadn't heard any jokes ...until now! LOL
I like the cart. Great idea I can use in a couple of years.
Did you hear they the police asked his wife how many time she had hit Tiger? She said, "Oh just put me down for an 8."
So sad, this can not end well for either party...

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