Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cefalù, Sicily -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday --

Are all the Casa Cantoniera places in Italy red?
(Wikimdia link and more)

[You can click on any picture to make it larger.]

This one is on the highway almost to Cefalù, Sicily (link), coming from Palermo. Cefalu is a small coastal town about five miles north of Palermo. We spent the morning with a walking tour and finished the morning by walking around town on our own Some ate, Mrs. Jim and I walked.

Our 2006 tour was with Grand Circle Travel. We went in reverse of this one. It was one of the nicest holidays that we have been on. After these two weeks we spent a week (also GCT) in Sorento visiting the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri. Then we rented a car in Milan and drove to spend a week in Provence, France, and another week in Tuscany, Italy.

Red roofs and awnings.

Mrs. Jim rates in this post. I can't remember how she got tangled up with that fellow(??) on the scooter. I used to have a blue Alstate (Sears Roebuck) Vespa about like his. I rode it to work at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, while I was in the Army there for five years.

Of course not everything in town is red. Some of the buildings here are over 500 years old. Now how do you make these pictures larger?

No we didn't stop at the bar. But it had red in the sign. And a little red was inside the town cathedral, Duomo di Cefalù. That's all the pictures now for this nice little town. Come visit us at my casa and we can look at a lot more.

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The answer is yes, to the best of my knowledge. You would come to the same conclusion if you studied the links I had for you and some more.
Happy RT!
Sorta stretching the "Ruby" today but the pictures are grand. All is forgiven.
The architecture, rocky mounts and the sea - this looks like a wonderful visit. The little bit of red is fine, the view overall one of the distant past. This might be a challenge with a wheelchair...you probably miss your Allstate/Vespa scooter, it would be perfect here!
The red and green building and its shadows is very quaint looking.
These are wonderful travel shots Jim. The warm sights are very appealing as I sit and watch it snow. :)
Have a wonderful week!
the first shot is fabulous!! love all the shadows

I smiled that we both have the same Shakespeare book
great minds Jim, great minds

Hope sends hugs to KP
Nice place.

Art Enthusiast
Hi Mr. Jim, I like the vivid shadow on your first photo!

Great Find Ruby
this looks like a fabulous town to visit. i enjoy each photo. thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the tour, great photos.
What wonderful captures, and a lovely bit of travel blogging.
Dear Jim,
How you and Mrs. Jim seem to enjoy sunny Italy with ancient history and dangerous scooters on every corner.
I wish I were there.
From Felisol
Ah, Jim, Sicily is where my husband Vinny's, ancestors are from. I love these houses which seem to be all red on Google images. Happy Ruby Tuesday! I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation! :)
Hi Jim - I love this post!! love the colour of wall and the scenery - looks like it was a lot of fun!?
Looked at your other blogs, wasn't sure where to start, until I found this one - have to admit the pic caught my eye - what can I say, I'm a visual person... hehe!!
thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment!
Gena @ thinking aloud
South Africa
Enjoyed this little tour! Especially loved the detail of the building in the first photo! Striking colours!
the answer is yes, been there, done that and all is red, usaully that old red stucco
That red building is full of wonderful detail!

This must have been a great trip, Jim. I'd love to go to the Isle of Capri. It just sounds beautiful.

Happy belated Ruby Tuesday.
I want to go to the pizzeria. Just saying. Authentic Italian pizza sounds mighty good.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

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