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Flashback Friday # 1 ~ Jim's early driving days

Linda from Mocha With Linda has started a new meme! This one's going to be fun. Each week she will ask us a question, and we post our answer! It will be something to bring about a memory of some sort to share!

We are supposed to answer the following questions: (you might like to join in with this one or see others' posts, just click on the button on the right.)
How and when did you learn to drive? Do you have any particular memories associated with getting your driver license? How old were you when you got your first car and what was it? Who paid for it?

My FlashBack:
First remember that where this took place was Nebraska back in the olden days.

I learned to drive when I was about ten or twelve over at my cousin, Dwain's, place. First I drove his tractor and did really good. I don't know whose car or when I drove a car. I would have loved to have driven his wife's, Jean, my blood cousin's, Model A Ford. I never have driven a Model A.

There were no problems with me getting a license, I was 14 for my school license--to and from school only--and had already gotten four or so years driving under my belt.

What follows next is from a previous post about my first car. I paid for it myself out my Elgin National Watch factory earnings. That is where I worked in Lincoln, Nebraska, after dropping out of college.

It's wannabe because I would like to have a little red truck like this one. I drove Dad's 1949 Ford pickup to high school for my last two years. It was like this 1950 model, except Dad's was black. My first two years I attended a country high school (New England) and rode my horse, Mini, those three miles from home. My sister. Lois, and I shared that horse with Dad, it was really his.

That little truck hummed down the road just like it was mine. I only got it into three accidents while I was driving it to school. Not too bad for a 14-year-old kid, huh? Actually none of those accidents were my fault.

I got to drive that truck again in college when I broke my foot. Dad felt sorry for me having to walk all over the place in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was a mile to the college, through the snow, up hill, from where I was staying at a cousin's home.

When I dropped out of school Dad didn't know. He didn't know until I had a job in the Elgin Watch factory in Lincoln. After a few months of this he decided I was old enough for me to have my own car. At age 20 Dad still had to sign for me.

The car I found (Dad and the Ford dealer found it for me) was a 1950 Studebaker Starlight Coupe. It had belonged to my high school chemistry teacher and principal, Elmer Cells (Cliff's uncle). I liked that car a lot but wore it out rather quickly in about a year.

Well, not this one, it is my toy, a 1:18 die cast of a 1950 Studebaker Starlight Coupe.
Here is a real one pictured at the Smithsonian: (link)

I do have a 1:18 scale toy red Ford Pickup looks like the one in the picture, I just don't have a picture of it, yet.

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Had to walk uphill in a foot of snow both ways huh? Bwhahahahahaha.

I remember this car. There were some mighty ugly cars in the 40s/50s. And some weren't so bad either.

Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)
Enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for playing along!
Too funny!
I got my driver's license when I was 14. We were allowed to drive during daylight hours only.
I enjoyed reading this Jim. That red truck is mighty pretty!!
this has been so fun reading everyone's flashbacks! driving at!
LOL! I wonder how much things have changed in Lincoln, Nebraska since then! Our new Vicar comes from some podunk town in Idaho, where he swears life is still like it was in the 50's! :)

I think BOTH of those vehicles are pretty darned cool - but I like the truck the best! Even in black. I'm just a truck girl at heart!

What a great memory!
What a fun post. These are always fun, you get to meet new people. My hubby is from Holdredge, NE.

until next time... nel
Hi Jim ~~ Good post about some of the vehicles in your life. Little
KP is growing up so fast, so cute.
Thanks for your comments and the storms have gone for now. Sorry it is 'tornado season' in some parts of the States. That must be awful, ours was a once in 100 years one.
Glad you enjoyed the Friends Walking Beside us poem, and I am glad you liked the jokes. Tonight, I posted a few of the blonde jokes you sent me. Take great care,
my friend. Regards, Merle.
Nice recollection. I used to drive a 49 Ford pickup, too, carrying hay to the slaughter cows and to the mechanic's sheep herd.
That red truck is sweet.

I was sure you had to walk 20 miles through 15 feet of snow, up hill, to get to school.

; )

Weekend Reflections - Green Beer
I love these flashbacks and I love seeing the old trucks and cars. That was back when you could tell one kind of car from another.
My brother taught me how to drive when I was around twelve or thirteen. He would drive our pickup until we got on the other side of our grove, then he'd let me drive. I got a school permit when I was fourteen.
Anonymous was a senior when she was fourteen, no fifteen. She drove Dad's pickup to high school for her last year, didn't you, Lois?

In the winter if it was every too deep snow for my horse, I would have to walk up and down hills in the snow. For sure my bicycle wouldn't make it.

For sure you all would have good reading if you went to Mr. Linky to find the others' posts.
One thing I noticed from all them is that so many started driving early and had licenses by age fourteen. Now-a-days, ... Poor kids.
I actually drove to school half my junior year & all my senior year so we'd come out even in sharing rides with our cousins. I was 15 when I started my senior year but turned 16 that year. I started teaching when I was 18.
these are really beautiful looking vehicles mr. jim..i will have to show this post to bernie.
i really love to hear the stories of your childhood and your family mr. jim..they are never boring and these stories on your blog will be a heritage to your children and grandchildren.
your dad sounded like such a kind person! terry

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