Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Men and their machines — MidWeek Blues — Sky Pollution

Bane of red light runners. Generator of many tickets.

The item sticking out above the lights is an automated camera
aimed at license plates. A moving car on red causes a picture.

Thank goodness I don't run red lights, at least not here.


Changing belts on this model of Sears vacuum cleaners is not easy.

It is almost as hard as changing the timing belt on a Ford Pinto.

Done both, several times.

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If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo picture on the right. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did.
Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE, you don't have to write.

I am a little behind on returning comments as I am still doing income tax and stuff. Blogging is a relaxing aversion.

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I love the instructions on the vacuum cleaner bags. Well duh. No, let me keep the machine plugged in and running.

Hubby filed ours yesterday. Boy our quarterly taxes are big this year. Yikes. We just looked at each other in amazement.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Yucky red lights. Yucky taxes.
I got caught at one of them lights. Is this why you've been offline a spell?
How funny is husband just put a new belt on our vacuum today, too. It must have been fairly easy because I didn't hear any cussing.
Hi Jim we have those camera's here, we have camera's everywhere its unreal. I'm sure if the government thought they could get away with it they would fit camera's in the toilets and charge you everytime you wipe your backside. I don't object to the camera's or being watched as I try not to do anything wrong, I just object to them being used by the government to collect yet more taxes while pretending the camera's are there for our benefit.
I got nabbed by one of those cameras, I swear it wasn't my fault, really it wasn't

I wonder how many people tried to sue for injuring themselves by working on a vacuum that was running

have a wonderful Easter - Hope sends hugs to all
Midweek Blues eh? I know the feeling... I might join in.
Good post!
Kewl blues here ;-)
Yup we've got those cameras everywhere too ... and the instructions on MOST things are pretty inane.
Hugs and blessings,
Well, then I guess you can understand me getting behind in commenting too! I got caught up with family and Easter events. Which is a good thing.

So is that what those thingys are over the lights? Hmmm...good thing I don't run lights either. And for the vacuum. Ugh. I hate them. Finding one that works without breaking is impossible for me. Although I did find one that doesn't use belts, it is direct drive or something like that.
A lot of towns around here use those camera. Funny how you quickly learn which intersections have them and which don't.
Those instructions are funny! I guess they have to do that though, in order not to be sued in case some dingbat decided to try it. Unfortunately there are those out there who do goofy things like that.

Taxes = headache!

Sorry to hear your kidneys are getting old.

I've had blogging blahs too. More like commenting blahs I guess!
have you ever thought that you would ever quit bloggging?????????i have reached 485 toward 500, which is a record in blogging>>>no one has reached 500 blogs and lived to tell aabout it>>>>now don't go on and twell me you have 2063 blogs logged>>>>don't want to hear it?>>>>don't want to believe it>>>>won't believe it
Yeah it hurts not to turn it off too. I'm having the same problem with taxes and hauling corn. Keeps raining in between nice days.
To answer Mr. Putz, yes, I have thought of quitting. But I enjoy it all too much to quit. I do need to slow down which I'm doing right now.

This blog has had 1551 posts, my total for all the blogs is 2904. For a while I was doing one a day on this blog. No more.

My kidneys are just getting old. The number count in my blood is perfect right now. Even my sodium has caught up but still at the lower edge.
The numbers went crazy when the artery to my left kidney plugged up. That got cleaned out with a stent real nice.
Dear Jim,
Nice hearing from you.
I haven't really got time for blogging these days either.
Then, again, it's such fun.
Take my Texan friend Jim for instance. He always manages to come up with new view on life's many aspects, be it a household tool, public issues like tax and traffic, health care or the love for his family, pets and sports.

It's always a pleasure being a guest at your blog, and I pick up lots of details to give a better picture of the great jigsaw puzzle that the united Sates of America is.

I most of all appreciate your church reports, from Sunday School, missionary trips and your care for the homeless and needy in your own town.

Some cars and good laughs add life and light to your blogs, not to speak of your travel reports.
Hope the taxman doesn't scare you off, cause, I miss you so.
From Felisol
Just dropped in to say Hi.


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