Saturday, March 06, 2010

Mower guy things — Six Word Saturday — with a golf riddle

Here comes trouble — on six wheels

First a riddle: Why did the golfer bring two pairs of pants to a golf tournament? (answer below)

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I saw this first, pictured on the right, in the morning. Turns out the mower guy made these ruts the day before when he mowed. It looks like he got stuck, or at least his forward progress was stuck in the mud.

The white little post is the Out of Bounds marker for the golf balls. If the ball is on our side of that, i.e. in our back yard, the golfer has to carry his ball back to the tee box (one stroke) and hit it again (another stroke) which ends up costing a two stroke penalty.
A nice thing about living on a golf course is that it makes our back yard seem very large. And pretty too when the grass is nice and green.
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Today the mower guy sneaked in from the left and gingerly attempted to mow through without getting mired down and making more ruts.

That didn't work so he backed up a little and went around behind it, up on the berm.

This is the par five eleventh fairway (on the eleventh hole) of the Weiskopf course. Tom Weiskopf, like many other golfing pros dabbled in golf course design. He designed this course. I was standing in our yard taking the pictures. We are on the outer side of the dog leg.

In our ten years living here we have had three broken windows due to golf balls flying towards and hitting the house. It takes a pretty bad golfer to hit our house.

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Riddle answer: cause he gotta hole in one [from]


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oh boy mr.jim!
there must have been some pretty mad golfers!
too bad about the gold balls smashing your windows..hey were you behind any of those clubs??
and where was adi?? love adi?
take care and have a great terry
Seems to me it would take a pretty good golfer to knock out one of your windows.
My in-laws lived on a golf course anf finally had to built a barrier against balls landing on their patio. Funny joke. Have a great Saturday, Jim.
~loved your joke...gonna share with my little ones when they wake...they are suckers for jokes! uugghh...the beauty of living on a golf course...adoring such green and expansive grounds yet the broken parents used to liove on a golf course and they suffered the same lovely events...wishing you and yours a delightful broken free weekend...brightest blessings~
I can't see the grass through all of our snow. Happy SWS!
Cute riddle!
I could totally hit your house ;) I have had the urge to go hit a bucket of balls though, for the first time in years. Might just start golfing again this year.

Old joke, but still funny!!

Have a great weekend!!
I liked your joke! So three windows. I would hate to be one of those that hit those balls!!!
Bummer!! Wouldn't be fun to fix those rutts!

Happy 6WS!
Hi back Jim:

We are in Rockwall, east of Dallas about 20-25 minutes, depending on traffic...

You are quite a prolific writer! I have enjoyed visiting your pages, and will be back for updates.

Blessings and Happy Sunday...

When Amoeba was much younger he worked on a golf course. He had a multitude of jobd, including running the lawn mowers. He says this guy needs to return with a shovel and smooth the ruts out, and then he needs to reseed.
What the heck is he cutting? I barely see any grass. But then, those things are neat to just drive around and look good.
Golf course greens always look so neat and manicured - and green! What a lovely outlook for you and Mrs Jim.
I would think the outside of a dog leg would be fairly safe. But...I could hit one of your windows.
Jim, there really isn't much grass to mow... Most of it is We have had so much rain lately that the yards and golf courses are wet and mushy..... I wonder how much rain we will get this spring?

I know I haven't been blogging much lately, a friend of mine got me hooked on facebook and I spend more time over there... I have also been busy with ham radio and church business..... Thanks for asking about me... I am still alive... I promise I'll come by a little more often... Have a great week... Give ADI a pat on the head for me.
I love a cheesy joke to start off the morning. Not exactly magnificently manicured though, huh?

Thanks for playing 6WS!
It's almost Spring. Yay!

T13 - Kindle Krazy
Hi Jim, I seem to recall that my first ever visit to your blog was to see a lawn mower bogged down in the mug, it must be a very wet piece of ground just there.

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