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Flashback Friday # 2 ~ Jim's early no piano lesson days

Linda from Mocha With Linda has started a new meme! This one's going to be fun. Each week she will ask us a question, and we post our answer! It will be something to bring about a memory of some sort to share!

We are supposed to answer the following questions: (you might like to join in with this one or see others' posts, just click on the button on the right.)
Did you take lessons as a child? Piano or another instrument? Gymnastics or dance? Other types of lessons? Were they weekly? How much were you required to practice between lessons? Did you participate in recitals? If so, do any of them stand out in your memory? Did they foster a love or a hate for that activity? Did you want to take lessons in a certain thing that you never got to? And if you have kids now, how did your experiences with taking lessons like these impact the activities you had/have them do?

My FlashBack:
First remember that where this all started was Nebraska back in the olden days. I attended country one or two-room schools through the tenth grade. My largest class was three. Secondly, have in mind that our instructions for writing, above, were a mouthful.

Did you ever have to take piano or other instrument lessons when you were little. And did you hate those lessons with a passion but now you're glad you did.

Mrs. Jim had to play the piano for several years when she was little. Now she can play every song in the Baptist Hymnal. She also plays the viola from lessons taken after Karen, our youngest, left home, and has a violin to mess with. This year she resigned from our church orchestra but is still the orchestra librarian, a non-paying job.

The kids all had to take piano lessons except the youngest son. None of them liked it. Mitch later graduated from Texas A&M with as a chemical engineer, with a job, and the first treat he gave himself was a new Chevy Camero and a white piano. He had taken three years as a little boy.

Susie now has an associate degree in music and is STILL working on her bachelors. She writes music and has many of her songs posted, playing on her piano, on her music blog. My favorite is her Sermon on the mount which she recites from memory while playing her composure for that recital. It is LOOOOONG!

I know you didn't need all that but I wanted to tell it.

I hardly qualify for Friday Flashback this week. I had a tonette when small but never took lessons. There was a book that came with it and a little song book.

At the college where I taught I took class piano lessons for two semesters as a Wellness Class. My teacher said I was ready for 'private lessons.' :)

We did have a 'recital' and if I remember right Mrs. Jim came. I can not remember what I was required to play. My favorite song was "Bill Grogan's Goat." Perhaps you had to play that one.

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oh mr. jim! what a beauty!
i have a really old heintzman piano.
you know, i had always wanted to play piano when i was a kid and we didn't have one.
i had drawn piano notes on a piece of wood and learned my scales and fingering by drumming on that board.
then wonder of wonders, a lady moved on the base when we lived in my beloved manitoba and she was a piano teacher. i used some of my babysitting money to pay for the lesson...two dollars a lesson!
well lots of kids didn't have pianos mr. jim so once or twice a week the lady would give us a half hour practise on her piano.
oh dear! her poor husband had to put up with a lot of noise!
well anyways when i was old enough and had money enough, i bought a piano. kept on with lessons here in welland and finally taught piano myself.
well this has brought back good memories to me mr. jim but i guess the only meme i can keep up with is ruby tuesday..
i have missed you mr. jim and am so happy that you are terry favourite piece was "robin's return" nice!
bill grogan's goat is a lively piece for sure!!
Bill Grogan's Goat is a great song!! Fun memorie!

Thanks for participating. And btw, the questions are just to help jog the memory; I don't expect people to answer them all unless they just want to.

deja vu

I feel like I read this somewhere else ....

came by to say

happy Weekend :)
Hi Jim ~~ An interesting post about
piano lessons. I had a few as a teenager, but didn't keep it up.
I am glad you enjoyed the jokes and the dumb lawyers one was popular.

I am very pleased to say that my leg pain has eased a great deal, so the new tablets must be doing the job. It is such a relief as the pain was very severe. Take care, Jim.
Regards, Merle.
you don't deserve a long comment because you din't play doctor and answer my post with your advice or opinion on the problem only to where i should go with my problem>>>you are not fair at all, but i will comment anyway cause i am just a jolly fellow>>>when i was the age you are talking about in this post i took dancing lessons from dorothy serle the profound and prominet dance teacher of tooele, utah, and tap was my specialty>>>i was quite the tapper>>>i would sofe shoe occasionally but mostly wing out with fred astair numbers requiring fervant energy .>>i would imagine ginger rogers as my partner, and when i did this i would attrack the gaze of all the girls in the company>>>yes 15 students, 14 of which were girls all wanting me since i was the only boy as their partner>>>was i in my hayday????at first i din't like the girls but i got over that pretty quick>>>>did i have rhythum, style and grace>>>you can't have just a little grace, you either have it or you don't have it, and i had it>>so jim a lenghty comment>>>i have made two so far, you and rhymes with brauge over at bob's place>>>now i need to go over to ambers place and make my third lenghty comment>>>her advice was to do what my body tells me which was good solid advice contrary to what you tried to pass off as advice
Well, Mr. Putz, thank you for the long comment that you promised me.

You could come back, 'copy' the part about dancing lessons, open a 'New blog' and 'paste' the dancing part you just copied on it.
Then you would have your own Friday Flashback to post for Linda (above).

That is what I did at Quilly's (above, also), and then I said, "Heck, I just wrote a Friday Flashback post right here on Quilly's comment page. I will copy it and put it on my own blog as a Friday Flashback for me."

This comment is great for doing that! :)
thanks for stopping by my site :)
I was very blessed to be at my schools. Those were fun times, for sure and have enhanced my love of art and music.
I hope my long comment stuck.
nOpe it didn't.
It just explained things. so phewwwt
Hi Jim! I'm sorry I let a Sunday go by without posting my church sign. Glad someone missed it!

I took piano lessons for a few months back many years ago when I was in my 20's. I have forgotten it all now. I think it'd be wonderful to be able to play any instrument though!
How fun Jim. I've learned so very much about you with this meme.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

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