Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grandkid pictures, of course! — Ruby (Red) Tuesday — A Ten Things Meme

Ten things I would not do:

10. Let granddaughter, KP, drive MY car.
Here she is driving her other grandpa's car. She only went around the block, so I am told. But if she were to drive my car like her mother, Karen, did on her first drive she wouldn't be back until just before dark.

I had to warn Karen that car was not to be taken for spins like she was used to when she was riding her bicycle. She was grounded to the bike for all that stuff still, lasting until she left home for college. Later she liked driving my truck. I will tell about that later, another day. Hold me to it, please, or I will forget.

9. Call Bill Dickinson at seven o'clock in the morning.
Why not, he called me this morning and I don't even know him? Reason is that he will already be up. Either I'll call him on Saturday or Sunday morning at seven or at five some morning when I get up for the bathroom.

8. Argue physically with Mrs. Jim.
Why not, does she never aggravate you? Of course she aggravates me. But I will cover that on her annual evaluation which is overdue right now.

7. Miss a University of Nebraska football game?
Just give me some free tickets and I will show you why not.

6. Eat an egg when the yolk or white is not cooked solid.
Why not? Did you ever get salmonella from eating a raw egg? I won't even eat a Caesar salad at a restaurant until I find out if there is raw egg in the dressing or not (link on this). Same goes for homemade ice cream if there are raw eggs in the freezing mixture.

5. Answer anyone who calls me on my cell phone that I can't figure out who it is.
What do I do then? I just push the ringer silence button and let them call away.

4. Write about all the other ideas I had for this post when Bill Dickinson woke me up at seven this morning with his wrong number call.
Why not? Because I have already forgotten them. I should have written them in my moleskin pocket notebook that I always carry.

If and when I have written down some more of these ten items they might show up on another post. Please be assured there are many, many things I would not do. These ten seven are just some that rang my bell this morning.

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Dunno, those young-uns sometimes have better reflexes, I'm just saying... Happy Ruby Tuesday
What's to evaluate about you?? Who doesn't want to take a blazing ruby 'Vette convertible for a spin, top down on a nice day? Taking it for a spin is tempting, unitl we are caught...
hahahahah, I want my eggs done too..

She looks so cute driving though..

Nostalgic Marveling
Hahaha! Funny, Jim. But I don't know why you won't let your granddaughter drive your car. You are such a grouch sometimes. ;)
3. Complete a list of 10 won'ts?
I haven't been here to say hi to you in a long time.

Heck, I wouldn't really want my own kid driving my car, not to mention my grandkids. LOL

...I do hope you can find time to stop by and view my Ruby Entry. I'd love your company. Happy Tuesday!!
Hi Jim, I'm glad you found Ruby Tuesday. I'm also glas you stopped at my "challenge." I love the pix of your granddaughter driving your car! An evaluation of Mrs. Jim? Who does your evaluation, Jim? Hmmm?
KP is growing so fast
I love her smile
Hope sends hugs

I hate runny eggs
and I never answer any phone unless I know the caller ID
can't be bothered LOL
or maybe I'm a fugitive!
That is a very cool shot! Happy RRT!

MYM-An Angel
who would have thunk you to invent a 10 me me post for your blog and have such utter nonsense >>>>why would i ever call you at 7 in the morning when i am fast asleep{see my very latest bold on the way to 500 when i stop}
very latest blog>>>>blog
LOL! so cute :) love the 2nd one, looks like shes so into it!

u may view mine too here
She sure is a cute driver...the time will go fast to when she will be asking you for real to let her drive. Good start on the ten and smart not eating raw eggs.
Thanks for the smiles Jim. I enjoyed reading this. I hate those wrong number calls. I retired to sleep late. Even my kids don't call before 10 - just in case. :)
Love the pic of KP - sweet little smile!
Waiting with baited breath for the other items missing in your Ten Things list; although ... I suspect number 8 should really be number 1 . hope you are feeling well. Hugs ...

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