Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mrs. Jim's pantry, a little QUIZ — Ruby (Red) Tuesday

My question is, "What all is behind this door?"

Answering that would take a long time because we are looking at the door to Mrs. Jim's kitchen pantry. We could narrow that down to, "what is red?" Better for Ruby Tuesday.

There still is a lot of stuff in there so next I will show you the shelves on her 'spice rack' fastened to the inside of the door.

Please click on any picture for a better look.


This is the inside of the top two shelves.

You can see there is some red there. She was just given the three bottles of black peppercorn; two are flavored.

My more simple question of the day is, "What is inside the yellow plastic bag on the second shelf above? What is the red stuff inside used for?"

Here you can see the other four shelves. Mrs. Jim is pretty good at organizing her stuff. She will get a good rating for that on her upcoming annual performance review.

There is a little story behind her organization. When I retired (Mrs. Jim had already been retired for two years--that for sure gave her a set routine which I promptly busted) I offered to organize her kitchen for her.

I for sure thought she would be grateful for my help. A lady had written a magazine article I had read that the fist thing her husband did when he retired was to organize the kitchen. This lady was grateful, very grateful enough to write the article.

Mrs. Jim was not so grateful. In fact she said that I should organize my own junk and then I could help her with hers. That first part will never happen. Someday the kids may retire and do it for me.

Now for the answer to what is in the yellow plastic bag question. It is not berries. They go in Mrs. Jim's refrigerator.
Hint: they are used for flavoring Wassail and other cinnamon drinks. A cheap sweet source of cinnamon here.

Click on the picture
for a better look.

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Some kind of dried spice?

"In fact she said that I should organize my junk and then I could help her with hers. That first part will never happen. "
Funny, how you can work on her stuff, but for whatever reason, you can't deal with your own. Sounds human.
We can never have enough of the standard condiments in our pantries. We shouldn't have to look and look for the accent to each dish. I am guessing the peppercorns in those bottles...

Allegra majored in history with a minor in psychology. Ultimately she may want early-childhood education, but will see. No job of any kind yet, she is back as of yesterday (she had exams and papers until mid last week). But the work on securing work will happen shortly...
Cinnamon red hot candies. Nice choice for Ruby Tuesday.
Mrs. Jim looks pretty organized all on her own....no offense Mr. Jim. My aunt used to make a jello salad that had red hots in it (I think that is what is in the yellow bag). I wish I had that recipe. It probably wasn't too healthy, but it was yummy.
Jim, I forgot to say I don't know what Mrs. Jim uses the candies for. My Mom and I have a recipe for Cinnamon Cucumbers - a pickle where you slice the cucumbers up to 1/2" thick. Core the rings. The pickling syrup is made from sugar, vinegar, some salt, water and the cinnamon red hot candies. One of those ubiquitous pickled things we in the South put on the dinner table. LOL. I haven't made these in some years. I should do them again this summer.
It looks cherry tomatoes to me, I am not sure..

Just wondering Ruby Tuesday..
I don't have anyidea what it is Mr. Jim but I adore Mrs. Jim's organizational skill!
I love snacking on Red Hots!!

FLAGSHIP - Ruby Tuesday
Mrs Jim is so neat
and she's pretty cool too :)

I love the candy canes peeking out of the pretty blue and white cup

Hope sends hugs
I say small tomatoes are the red things in the yellow bag. Cherry tomatoes, isn't that what they're called. Had to chuckle at the phrase "annual review." I'm guessing that Mrs. Jim brooks no such thing. She has some nice spices there and as others have said seems pretty well organized without your intervention.

I enjoyed the post below this one too. Some of them were very funny.
A long long time ago, I thought I could make myself useful by organizing my husband's DIY stuff. That was the worst idea I ever had.
Think of that next time you want to organize your wife's stuff. Would you like her to organize yours? LOL! I love her pantry it's so neat, and well organized!
they look like cherry tomatoes mr. jim.
this is a really funny and interesting post!
you know what? i put a post for you over at my place..it was something that you wanted.
mr. jim..if we ever sold that little white doggie then mom golden would really be lonely!!!love terry
Mrs. JIm looks plenty organized to me! Please don't photograph the inside of our pantry.

give me fair warning!

So your wife gets an annual performance review?

interesting, Jim..
What does organized mean? Sure wouldn't want anyone looking in my pantry.

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