Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My Unknown Red Flowers — Ruby (Red) Tuesday

Have a nice Memorial Day!

Adi says "Hi!"

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I really don't know what kind of flower this is. It just comes up every spring around June 1. I am not sure I even planted it.

It was red when it started blooming, and tulip shaped. But when it opened up it was light violet colored or what ever this one is.
Several blooms came out and opened very nicely. The bed they are growing in is a mess. Please (nice word for Susie) click on the right hand picture and see what I mean.
Originally this bed had a river rock drainage ditch in front of it. That was to keep our water from running into the neighbor's yard and swimming pool. Too much muddy water over there and they might cut off our swimming privileges.
The bed itself had nice azaleas planted for about thirty-five feet in a row from the end of the drive way towards the back property line. I put in the large leafed plant afterwards because it also grew wildly at our former home.
Next is Mrs. Jim's red bud tree. We planted it several years back. It won't grow any taller or larger in this bed because it is shielded by the neighbors ligustrum hedge. That hedge is taller than I would ever allow mine to grow.
If you think there might be a wild berry growing in that top picture too, in amongst the weeds, you are right. The blooming sequence is first the white berries, then the red bud, followed by the azaleas, then this mystery plant, and finally the large plant with the large leaves. If I remember right it blooms in red also.

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Wow you have lots of beautiful flowers there Mr. Jim. Happy Memorial Day!
So many gorgeous flowers!

Happy RT!

You have the right kind of garden - not set up so perfectly row by row. Where the flora of you and Mrs. Jim is best is the flowering plants and shrubs, what you chose to plant and how you tend iy. There is not just scrub in TX, but there is also your beautiful handiwork!
Wow this is pretty me too don't know the name of this flower just so stunning! Happy Monday!

BM-Memorial day
Very nicely captured. Happy RT.
First of all, I can't believe that baby KP is up on her feet already!! So adorable she is!! She sure is moving far far away, but so nice that you'll get to go visit.

THe flowers are all beautiful. I have no idea what that one flower is. Unknown to me to! I love redbuds. They bloom so early and are one of the first you'll see blooming in the KY hills!
Hi Jim,

Happy RT! By looking at your pictures I can see that you will be a very busy gardener this summer. You seem to have quite a bunch of beautiful plants. Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous blooms Sir Jim,..

Honoring the heroes on Memorial Day
Hi, Adi!

Nice flowers, Jim
I love the flowers, Jim! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)
so many lovely flowers

Adi looks regal next to the flag
Beautiful pictures!
Dear Jim,
Some beautiful flowers you have got in your part of paradise.
I am a little envious, because your summer starts earlier and lasts longer than ours.
The global heating has not yet reached the coast of Norway, about 10 + Celsius degrees in the month of May.
The last plat you showed is familiar here in the coast districts.I'm pretty sure it is a rhododendron. I have ceveral types in my garden and they come in all sizes and colors. They crave much water, though, and sour soil. They do not like calcium, but some cow manure make them smile!
I don't think you need any advices. Your garden is swelling with flowers of all kind.
From Felisol
We don't consider flower beds a 'mess' until I need to get the 8hp weed eater out of the shed to fix them.
Hey! That's one helluva collection of beautiful flowers Jim! Exquisite bunch of them. Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it.

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