Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feet with flip flops — MidWeek Blues — Things to know

I once had a worry. After my knee surgery back in 2006 I noticed I was knock-kneed. I didn't think I ever was that way before, in fact I always thought I was bow legged. Mrs. Jim thought I was goofy.

Anyway, I asked the orthopedic dr/surgeon about this problem. I told him all about it and that I couldn't stand at attention anymore, like we had

[These feet look too young to be driving.]
to do in the Army. Then, our feet should be together at the heals and about six to eight inches apart at the toes. Standing that way now, my heals are about six inches apart when my knees touch each other.
[These feet didn't do much driving until the doc released me.]

I did mention to the doc that maybe I shouldn't be concerned about things like this. Doc was very nice and really was glad that I was noticing things like this. He said most people as they get older become more bow legged, but that a few get knock kneed or don't change. It is all dependent upon how our joints wear when they age. Hip joints and knee joints and foot joints. [Thigh bone connected to the knee bone connected to the foot bone, I sure was glad I remembered my anatomy.]

So why don't you measure and record how your heels and knees are spaced when you stand at attention. Then maybe once a year check on your aging process and your joint settlement. Osteoporosis can enter into this too.


Being goofy. See, I'm not really goofy, even if Mrs. Jim said I was. If you have a worry, get it checked out.

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Oh more thing for me to worry about now. Good grief.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Goofy is forgivable. best wishes for tomorrow.
Flip flops, in Borneo, Malaysia and Singapore, they call it slippers or sometimes japanese slippers.

In New Zealand they changed it to Jandals, which stands for Japanese sandals. and it is a National icon. kids wear it all the time. Sometimes even in winter. This year, my principal emailed that teachers must be professional, and banned the jandals.
Naked feet, I see naked feet. Me being goofy. Have fun.
those flip flops are outrageous
I love the orange with the blue

my knees are a mess
they don't like the tendons that go down to the ankle
and my right hip hates everyone

other than that I'm ready for the Olympics ;)

I'm glad KP will be home a bit longer
Hope sends hugs
She does have a boyfriend at daycare but he cries a lot and is getting on her nerves I am wondering about my knees as I think I was always a little bit on the knocked kneed side! Yes, that first set of feet does look too young to be driving! Cute flip flops though.
Amoeba and I were hiking the other day and I told him that I noticed when I get tired my left leg turns in just a bit. This is new.
The SIL in Florida had double knee replacement a year ago and this corrected her knock knees and also her lower back pain. Getting old "ain't no fun atall!" Those goofy moments can be very serious sometimes. It does pay to pay attention. Doctors do not know everything and DO make a lot of mistakes overall. I'm a leery bird myself after my 'fixes' of the past and with knee 'fix' before too long, I fear.
Goofy is my nickname. But I will have to see how I measure up.

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