Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lion Burgers. They're Grrrrross! — MidWeek Blues — Things to know

Photo via Tristan from
Tree Hugger, Restaurant offers Lion Burgers

'Il Vinaio' Restaurant in 270 W. Main St., Mesa, Arizona (link) offers these.

They are not made from lion meat but and do cost about $21.00. That includes chips and a side of corn.

You can add a Diet Coke for another $3.00 or so I am sure.

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It's better than them eating you. Just saying. I'll pass on the Lion Burger though. Not my cup of tea.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
I'd be lyin' if I said I'd pay that price for a burger!
$21.00!!!! Yikes!
Wow, that better be one tasty burger for that price...or maybe it is just bait to lure you in! Thanks for playing and enjoy vacation.
Wow! What a bargain! :)))
The lion in the photo is giving his opinion I see! :)
And, it matches mine!
This guy should just tell us what he really thinks! I'll also pass on lion burgers...just too weird!
I had to come back Jim after clicking on the link. The article says it IS lion meat. It has elicited strong reactions from the public, but the restaurant owner insists it's no big deal to chow down on the big cats because they were farm-raised in Illinois.
Now I really have the mid-week blues. :)
I heard about this on our nightly news tonight here in Phoenix. Evidently they have gotten such negative publicity over this they offered a donation to a local pet shelter, who turned them down!
thanks but no thanks... i'm sure i can find a better meal than this with $21.00. where is their conscience?

jim, thanks for that nice comment in my blog. i really appreciate it. =) enjoy your trip!
farm raised lions!!
used for burgers

every time I think people can't possibly get any lower, they do

I'd like to leave the lion and the restaurant owner alone together in a very small room
I am not going for lion burgers.

btw - I did consider myself very special. Thanks.

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