Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blue seas of Norway — MidWeek Blues — Oslo, Norway

Between these two pictures was a fun day at Oslo, Norway,
and onboard our ship, the Dawn Princess.

Some of the fun activities at Oslo, Norway, and on board ship that day (link):

The Kon-Tiki Museum;

National Theatre (we didn't go in), City Hall (extensively mural walled) (Nobel Peace Prize is awarded here);

Beautiful homes and flowers everywhere;

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park (link)

Scenes from aboard ship. The sun didn't set until after 10:00 PM. I was offered a second plate of lobster and shrimp. Do you think I took it? Of course I did!

There is a lot more to do in Oslo, we did some more. It is a beautiful city.

People here were watching the bridge in the picture below. It links Denmark and Sweeden. (link) Our ship is one of the larger ones and there wasn't very much clearance. It gave me a glimpse into the feelings of an 18-wheeler driver going under a low highway bridge. We made it.

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Aside from the fact that you are male, what do the bikini butts have to do with your vacation? Do those young girls know you took their picture?
Quilly, aside from the fact that you are female, why do you need an explanation? Mind you, he also included a picture of that stone spiry thing.

Ah, youth.
They were watching the scenery as we were leaving through the fjord from Oslo. To me they were some of the more interesting people taking up rail space. Yes, they knew, didn't care, and were just part of everyone else's scenery. I wouldn't post just one singled out.
On the water is where I'd like to be the very most. You already knew that though.

As for the bikini shot? Why not, you aren't dead are you? No you aren't. Enjoy the scenery.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
What incredible photos and a trip of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing a part of the world I'll never see.
Wonderful photos of an apparently great trip...very colorful and lots of blue.
Thanks for sharing photos of your trip. I loved the bikini butts!
Love the photos, esepcially that second one! What a great trip you guys are on!

I'd love to visit Europe (I've been to England and Wales but that's it... I'd REALLY love to go to Russia.)
LOVE your photos. Looks like you had some great sightseeing...and to top if off with a beautiful sunset was a perfect ending.
So did you look up any of my family in Denmark? If I knew you were going, I'd have tagged along :) Maybe next year I'll get to go over there. Happy return home. Granddaughter is adorable .. and turning one in London .. how special! BTW I read your testimony ... they can never be made shorter because they contain the soul of the person ... and you have soul! Tell Mrs. Jim I said hi .. I wish I had a bikini butt like those cuties in the picture :);) (long, long ago)

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