Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is this picture worth a thousand words? — Ruby (Red) Tuesday —

I'm pretty wordy but I doubt even I could come with that many.

So just a wordy few.

First of all, we are back in the U.K. These are Mrs. Jim's favorite British biscuits. They are available all over the British Islands.

Secondly, it says we like a little bit of peanut butter spread on ours. Chocolate and peanuts are my favorite. My colon doctor (gastrointerologist) says I should stop eating nuts. That has ruled out my favorite, M&M Chocolate Covered Peanuts.

For thirds, that peanut butter that I spread is from the U.S. Our jar is now less than half full so I will check the grocery store this evening for some more. Mrs. Jim for sure will need some more for sure. I am going back on the 20th of July but she will stay until August 4. I don't think our favorite brand, Kroger, will be available.

And fourth, it looks like we have been on a Princess Cruise. Yes, that is where we got back from. We did an eleven-day Baltic Capital cruise.

Places we visited were: COPENHAGEN; DENMARK (two days); Ship: Star Princess (Embarkation Port: Copenhagen, Denmark – 10 Days 07/01/10 (AT SEA) – THU 07/11/10); STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN; HELSINKI, FINLAND; ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA (two days); TALLINN, ESTONIA; GDANSK (GDYNIA), POLAND; FRI07/09/10 – AT SEA; OSLO, NORWAY; and back to COPENHAGEN, DENMARK (SUN 07/11/10 – morning and part of afternoon) then back to London for evening. I will be blogging more about some of these as time goes by.

Fifth, and last because this is getting boring, you can see that I like to share my good things with Mrs. Jim. I redid her tea (hot--sneak No. 6 in here, I had coffee with mine) and made her the other half of my biscuit.

Monday morning we ran an errand for Karen down at the Piccadilly Square area of London. I liked this little building Holden High Street. It looks like a leftover home of a period gone by. Besides it is red for this blog.

Getting down there was a breeze on the Metro. I wish Houston had a Metro. From Karen's flat in Northwest London to our destination across from this little building was less than half an hour. Fifteen minutes plus of that time was spent walking.

We rode in from the airport in a taxi like this one, Ours was grey with black fenders. The nice elderly (retired but works two or three days a week) driver said it was ten years old. Like my eleven-year old Ford Mustang.

Conroe, Texas, does have taxis but not pretty ones like this. I should get me a toy 1:18 scale model while I'm here. I used to have a toy Yellow Cab of the 1920's version but Dad backed over it with his tractor. That was my favorite toy. It would have been quite valuable now.

- - - - - - - -

I should be posting a little more often now with Karen's free Internet (she's paying the bill, we had to pay Princess). If you would, please keep leaving comments while I'm gone. I'll read your blogs some. But probably I won't resume returning very many comments after until I return.

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Hello Jim,
Nice seeing you in London.
It's my favorite town.You better to to the food apartment at Harrods. I should guess they have what you need food-wise.
At Harrods you can order anything from an elephant to a sewing needle, and they'll get it for you.
I like it there.
I'm looking forward to seeing pictures from your Baltic Sea trip too.
ENjoy life wherever you are!
From Felisol
I like the red things you have for red tuesday :)

Oh, that cruise sounds DEEEEE-VINE! Wish I could just up and go away for months at a time on a cruise. Oh well back to reality :)

Tink *~*~*
Delicious digestives.
I bet you have some great memories of all those places! What a fabulous time you are having...even down to the biscuits.
Great photos for Ruby. :)
Yummy-looking biscuits. Ta ke it easy on the peanuts though, ;)

My entries:
Moms... Check Nyo
Yup, you shoukld get one Mr. Jim, that would be a nice remembrance of you being there.
Lovely London liveries (taxi, Underground, double decker). Too bad about the peanuts...what a trip! London is a beauty, Patti, Allegra and Cameron have been - I hope to get my turn soon!
I would love to visit in London one day, I want to see the London Bridge hehe...like the biscuit lokks yummy with peanut butter. Love to ride on a double decker bus too...Hope you had a great day.
Babbette's feast?
What a great vacation by the looks of things!!

I've been crazy-busy lately and not getting around to visit as much as I'd like. So great to see your pictures though, and to know you're having a good time!

Safe trip home!
My fussy son loved the plain ones. I didn't see any chocolate coated ones in Singapore when he was growing up.

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