Saturday, July 17, 2010

We had a birthday here! - KP's first! - In London!

KP's Party, blow by blow. KP, Karen and Billy (parents), Mimi, and I were there.

1. She got cleaned up and dressed in her pretty new 'cupcake dress' her daddy got her.

2. Her Papa John and Memaw from Orange, Texas, chatted with her on Skype. Earlier they had left her a singing message, the "Happy Birthday Song."

3. She looked at all her presents.

4. Her big sister in Texas, BP, called her on Skype. They 'talked' a bunch. BP will be joining the family here in London come August.

5. She opened presents. She liked this nice puzzle.

6. We lit the candles and all sang happy birthday.
7. Mimi blew bubbles using one of her party bubble bottle. KP loved watching the bubbles and trying to catch some.

8. Karen gave her her special cupcake. She knew exactly what to do with it (see post above). She ate a bunch.

9. Then we took family pictures and stood around telling each other how cute KP was. She was too tired to open the rest of her presents.

10. Bedtime came. Actually it came twice as she woke up around midnight for a spell. I think all the excitement got to her a bit.
This ends KP's first Birthday Party. I would love to have been able to say my first party was in London. Today is for the ice cream, she was too tired for it last night.

There's a nice gelato shop down the street. Papa will treat. KP's favorite is black cherry with vanilla. Her Papa's too!

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Hi again Jim!

Restaurants we ate at in London during our brief stay were, amongst others, in order of excellence:

The Square (twice!)
The Ledbury
Bruno's Bistro (lunch)
Dean Street Town House
Hibiscus (lunch)

All a bit pricey but Michelin stars don't come cheap & London has some of the best restaurants around (better anyway than here in Spain!)Have you come across any others you've liked too?

Enjoy yr stay!


PS Left a brief note over at my place about yr novel & mine!
Sounds like a wonderful but exhausting birthday!

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