Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Falling down in an escalator that's going up — MidWeek Blues —

First off, that doesn't sound easy, does it? These are long escalators. Here we are looking at approximately the bottom half, perhaps a little more.

Second thing falling down an up escaltor means it's hard to hit bottom to stop falling. We were going up to get out of the London Metro near Karen's home. You can see the posters along the side advertising theatre productions. They are hard to read as a person goes by them pretty fast.

Third, older people should pay attention to what they are doing. The others, Karen, Billy, and Mrs. Jim, had me interested in one advertisement in particular, for a children's play that advertised "Room on the Broom." I could never see it as we would pass by quickly; almost we were past before they could even tell me.

Fourth, for sure don't be taking pictrures while riding. This time there was one across on the going down side. I couldn't find it as I had no idea of what I was looking for. Bright idea! I would take a picture then enlarge it when I got to Karen's. It was supposed to be a cute poster.

Fifth, it really isn't very hard to do. Since the going down side was on my left, I had to turn in that direction. I had my camera pointed over in that direction. That necessitated holding on lightly to the rubber rail with my left hand. Somehow I lost my balance and fell backwards.

Sixth, falling backwards going up an escalator doesn't get a person anywhere very fast. I sort of tumbled in place I was told. Everything I tried to grab hold of to help stand was always whisking along going backwards, down.

Finally I was able to grab and hold again the rubber rail which was moving in my direction, up. A lady who was following me up asked if I was alright when we got up. And Karen, Billy, and Mrs. Jim were concerned as well.

Here is a picture of what my foot looked like the next day. It was very sore and hurt whenever I leaned forward on it.

Most of the pain was centered around my big and next toe. It is still swollen a little now. I fell on July 17.

On the left you can see what it looked like about a week or so later.

No, the fall didn't weld my toes two and three together at the bottom. I am slightly web toed and was from birth.

Moral of the story is

- - - - - - - -
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Ouch! I'll be more careful on escalators. I don't pay attention sometimes. I will now.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Gosh! Thanks for the pix!
I know the fall wasn't funny, but your telling of this story made me laugh. I am glad you weren't seriously injured.
Ow! That's a bad boo-boo.

Did you get as many laughs as i got when I fell on my elbow?
dude! that hurts me! i do hope you're feeling better.
Oh no! What a weird experience, like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, kind of. Glad you are OK! Glad you got a photo!
So sorry - that looks so painful!

I've got a scoop of ice cream on my blue blog - that will make you feel better!
Oh my Jim - you could have gotten hurt much worse. So glad the bruises are healing.
I think your moral is spot on and good advice I intend to keep. :)
What a horrible, frightening experience. I hope your foot is feeling better now - it takes a long time for things like that to heal.
Jim ~ I loved the escaltor shot... the feet ... not so much. Looks painful? ~ jb///
Well, at least it was just a toe and not a leg or arm. None the less, I hope it recovers quickly for you. That escalator tunnel looked like the inside of a plane at first glance.
Looks painful and it must have been a scary experience. When we were younger we didn't have to be so careful. And that was a very long escalator....
Fall down and go boom! You poor baby!
As my granddaughter always says when she sees my feet (and they're not bruised and hurt)...Oh oh. What an experience that must have been and how lucky you are that you weren't more seriously hurt. I've heard of people losing feet and hands from that grate at the bottom of escalators. But here's the question: Did you get a picture of the poster?

Thanks for your comments on my blog about my Haiku. I so appreciate it. I'm going to follow you now and just see what goes on here at Jim's Little Blog.
It's kinda neat having some male blogger friends. Puts a different perspective on things.
Oh dear. I do hope you learned your lesson well. :)
Jim, what did I tell you about falling on those trips?? I hope your foot is better now. That is one long escalator! Do be careful and hang on!!

Oh, my nephew and his family are down in TX to see Megan graduate from basics (boot camp or whatever it's called) at Lackland!
Woof! Woof! A BIG OUCH! Golden thanks for visiting my blog n singing to me. LOVE it. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
Pictures like this make me long for London...not your foot of course...I mean the escalator in the tube : )
Hi Jim,
Hope you are ok by now.

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