Tuesday, September 07, 2010

LIG — Monday Morning — Labor Day Weekend — Ruby (Red) Tuesday

Monday morning view from our back porch

All was peaceful out here this morning when I let the dogs out. You can see Adi coming back home here on the right.

Only the soft buzzing of a distant small plane in the air could be heard. I am sure I could have heard birds singing and chirping were it not for the plane. Which plane by the way I never did see.

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Life has been good (LIG-Life is Good) this weekend. My all day Saturday preparation for the Sunday school lesson paid off, I think. It was the opening lesson for a series in Ephesians which will last for three months.

Life got better after church when we were able to chat with the kids in London on Skype.

KP waited up for us, they are six hours ahead of Texas Time. She is walking pretty good now and has a new push toy to help her with that. It is complete with flashing lights and a telephone. She doesn't steer it too good yet so Mom, Dad, and Sister all help here get it straight when it runs into a wall.

I just had a horrible thought! I hope she won't be a bad driver. It runs in the family. Her Aunt Susie has even run over a telephone booth, dragging a lady around with it going through a parking lot. All of the kids remember that. Thank Goodness it was before the days of prolific lawsuits!

Life stayed good still after talking with the kids.

On the way home from eating with daughter, Susie, her hubby, Anthony, and his mom, Rita, we stopped for this pie. Pie was for supper. Enough calories there so we didn't even need a sandwich.

Susie had come to play her music to Chapter One of Ephesians for my class. Anthony read the Chapter one while she played. You can listen to her music

LIG for me feet also. I have a new pair of tenny shoes too (
click for picture). They are Air Nike's Running shoes. I don't run any more but they are the next best thing I could find besides my old Reebok's . They were cross training shoes.

Would believe that my old shoes (picture) lasted over four years even though I wore them all the time. All the time that is when I wasn't barefooted or wearing flip flops.

To keep me honest, here is my Ruby (Red) Tuesday picture from Copenhagen.

I will title it


But life will be good still. Shopping is in order with Mrs. Jim and supper at Luby's with the Sunday school class this (Monday) evening.

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Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there

I wish you all a nice Labor Day. I do hope you got to sleep in.

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Be off on your ship!
The far horizon beckons!
Adventures await!

Ruby Prayers
I'd rather be boating is my mantra. I see we think alike.

I love that pie. Yummy. I just had a very small piece.

Have a terrific Labor Day to you and yours. Big hug. :)
beautiful boat and the lovely flag of Denmark stating it all with pride
"Navigare necesse est, vivere non", was my thoughts when I saw that old merchant ship.
The Danes were heavily into slave trade, you may know..

Yourgrandchild over in Lodon is getting prettier all thetime.

We use some apple system to communicate visually with Serina. She just gave us atour in her new student flat.
Great help, isn't it.
Is Susie, the phone boot wrecker also your daughter?
She gave me a good laugh.
Her music sites were impressive.
She's got some from the Sermon on the Mount too. Great.
Enjoy your everyday life. To me the small pleasures of life are becoming more and more valuable.
Having a golf lawn view from your back porch must be a great blessing.
nice boat;-) want to sail away;-)
Hi Jim, the new shoes look good. I like early morning walk with the dogs when everything is quiet and fresh.
Glad your life is good, Jim, and that you are staying in touch with your family so very far away.
Nice views - the golfers paradise is a lovely view (let’s hope than none of the duffers shanks the ball far off the fairway). And that is a boat, although you wouldn’t use something that big on any given inland lake in Texas...

Your granddaughter is so beautiful! Proud you must be!
hi mr. jim...it has been so long that i have talked to you and i really appreciate the comments that you made to me while we were visiting my beloved manitoba.
when i go home, i had so little time to be on the computer because mom golden took ill and for the last few weeks, bernie and i have had to keep an eye on her and even the little red car waa busy taking her to the hospital four times, to the docs twice and to about three trips to the blood lab!
i have not forgotten you though and i am taking a few moments to read your blog, hoping for a glimpse of adi!
happy ruby tuesday and boy! that little girlie gets prettier and prettier every day!...love terry
Beautiful yacht! It looks so peaceful in your neighbourhood - what a lovely view you have each morning.
That pie looks good. Love the red boat.
My Ruby Link for you
Love your new shoes, Jim.... I just got a new pair myself...I bet ADI likes running around on the golf course...Stay dry... Looks like Hermine is going to get a little closer than everyone thought..
the ship is beautiful!
and your view is so incredible, rolling hills and so much green
Adi has her own paradise

Hope talks on Skype to her cousins in Greece
it's a wonderful way to stay in touch
Your backyard looks like a golf course.

KP is still most adorable.

MMMmmmmm ... pie.
I was amused to read you've scratched off the south pole! But that still leaves the north pole - any plans?!

Hope you've had a great Labor Day Weekend,

Nora & Lola:)
Had both my sons here for Labor Day weekend, plus wife & significant other for each, plus grandson. Happy RT!
Hi Jim!! Lovely view from the back of your place, and Adi probably approves very much!! It is so nicely manicured!

I just can't believe that Baby KP has grown so much. It's nice you can see her and visit via the computer like that. Amazing this technology!!

Loved reading and seeing the photos of your trip to Canada. Looks like you had a great time in a pretty place!!
Hi Jim,

I adore your life sharings. I laughed as you slipped in that you hope she won't be a bad driver. Laughed, because I so enjoy when someone writes as if he/she is talking. Ah, that is a beautiful sailboat.
Well, we had a relaxing Labor Day weekend and celebrated your green-eyed blogger friend's birthday in a quiet fashion. All of our friends are out of town, so the dinner and theatre show marking "my day" will be later this month. My hubby did indulge me with BD dessert: yum!
you live next door to a park or a mini golf course?
Is that coconut on that pie? If so I will take a piece, thank you. Diet be darned...
I am a sucker for anythying with coconut.
That version of the story about Susie dragging the lady around the parking lot is the twin's version. They've exaggerated the story over the years until it's not even recognizable.

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