Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MidWeek Blues -- Some blue at the fair -- No. 2

We went to the County Fair at Brenham, Texas, on September 17 of this year (2010). It was a nice fair with a very fine rodeo.

Today I'm posting a few of the livestock pictures. Previously I have posted pictures and all about the rodeo "Another day" I will post some pictures of the other things happening at the fair. Click on my pictures to make them larger. Click here to see them all.

These are cattle to be auctioned off. I like them all so I really have not favorites. Well, if I had to pick one it would be the fine little filly (horse) below.

This nice little filly was a year plus old. She sold for $2000. We think this was a bargain for the new owner.
Below is the same white cow that was pictured above. It sold for more than the horse but I don't remember for how much.

I am not sure if the heifer was sold for breeding stock or for butchering.

Our house guest, Corinne, enjoyed petting the goat. This was in the 'petting zoo' which was enjoyed by both children and adults. For some this was their first up close encounter with farm animals.

All little piggies must go night-night.

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AH, the good old County Fair. Looks like fun.
I love the piggies sleeping :)

Hope sends hugs
Great shots of the fair! I like all of them, and they bring back some wonderful memories of the kids in 4H.
i just love your pictures, jim>><><>i have always liked to pat the fat pigs{swine} at the fairs><>and with the grands even more pleasure
Goodness...that does sound like a bargain for the filly. (I almost wrote know where I'm from! That would have been funny, and embarrassing had I not caught myself.
I've not been to a fair in years. Not since my son was old enough to go by himself. That's a lot of years. Your post was always my favorite part of the fair. That and the music.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
To me, the best part of the fair is visiting the livestock arena. Great pics and I hope you had some yummy "fair food!"

To answer your question to the post about the truck (sorry, I got so busy I forgot to answer back)is that it is a 1971 Ford F100. I am sure it has plenty of stories to tell!
I was at our fair from op[en to close all four days and this is the closest I got to any of the livestock -- I was managing my own booth without relief!
Don't you just love the county fair? Especially the small town ones. I enjoyed seeing your pics .. why didn't you take some photos of the crazy food they serve??;)

WV: publet = a small English drinking establishment ;)
Ha! More of the Fair, lovely!

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