Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meet Doggy Duke — MidWeek Blues — He has a new home!

You are looking at Doggy Duke. Cats may have nine lives, Doggy Duke has three for now. First he was a present to our Karen from a nice lady who made him. Next he slept in a box in our attic for thirty some years resting up for his third life
Doggy Duke has had a flight to London. He stowed away in Mrs. Jim's luggage to hide from those security cops who take little kids toys away.

I hope you heard about that, they grabbed the child's stuffed toy and put it on the scanner belt. The kid squalled to Heaven and somehow made the news. That may have been a put-on in preparation for National Opt-out and Resist the Body Scanner Day which will coincide with Thanksgiving.

Doggy Duke is now residing in London and will stay and be loved by KP for his third life. BTW, the original Duke lived on the farm with my parents.

Mrs. Jim thoroughly washed Doggy Duke several times as there were quite a few smudges on his soft cotton hide. Then she gave him new baby-safe eyes. Finally, she stuffed him with new doll stuffing and sewed him shut. I think she did real good on making those eyes.

He came out looking real nice, don't you think? He is about eighteen inches long all stretched our like our Adi (that's Adi on the right above). Adi is about 28 inches stretched out. She is an old (14 years) hound dog also. She is a beagle who thinks she is people like us.

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If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking on the logo picture on the right. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did.

Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE or BLUE THOUGHT, you don't have to write.

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It's nice to have a third life. Good for Doggy Duke.

We have a dog named Little Bit and she doesn't know she's a dog either. She is in charge and that's that.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Adi do know how to live. Doggy Duke do too.
hey mr. jim..i rushed here right away when you said that you had finally posted adi..i mean the blue doggy is nice too but who can compare with my niece adi?!
and never you mind making fun of her.
she IS a human like the rest of us and don't you forget it grampa jim!
mr. jim, is kp going to be in england for a long time? but won't you miss her if she does?
did i miss out on what is happening..let me know, ok?

and don't you be talking like it won't be long for you.
we want you to be here with us for a good long time!
love terry..

ps mr. jim did you notice that i didn't have to google dad golden a birthday cake..the girls brought him a real one..ha! terry
Awww, Jim, what an awesome life that blue fellow has had! Love it.
I remember you so long, long ago--my fellow Wordless Wednesday buddy! I saw your comment on Sandee's blog (Comedy Plus) and just had to come over to say hello.

You should really reconsider coming to join WW again. I miss you. Have a great day, Jim.
Awww, that's so nice! great choice for mid-week blues!
I think he looks positively splendid. Nice work, Mrs. Jim.
Adi is quite good=looking for her third life!
Well, this makes about 45 minutes of my life I've spent trying to see your picture. I'm so perturbed with my ISP that I could scream. I even have my cell phone connection to use when the other fails and even that doesn't work.
By now I've gathered the stuffed animal looks good and that it must be blue. It sure must have some age to it. later
The eyes do look great! And how nice to be able to pass him on! Lucky dog!
I think Doggy Duke will enjoy London
I know he'll love KP

the eyes are wonderful

Adi looks so sweet resting there

Hugs to all from all of us :)
AWE! Isn't Doggy Duke cute?!
I think EG Wow is in AWE of Doggy Duke!
Doggy Duke is adorable, as is Adi! I have a Rascal, a beagle, boxer, something mix. He too thinks he is human!
Hi Jim! I love Doggy Duke- he is a cutie! Glad he has found a new life - especially in England- I wonder if he will bark with an English accent? Hope all is well with you!!! Take care and thanks for the comments.
That stuffed dog is adorable -- and you cracked me up with the three lives bit! Real doggy is all sorts of cute too!
I think we could all use a third life. I posted and you commented on my second life. Thanks. The retirement group is a lot of fun and had most of us not had to drive two hours to get home beers most likely would have been consumed.
Doggy Duke is adorable. KP will love him lots.
Cute as can be Jim!! I like Doggy Duke!!

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