Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas put-aways 101 — MidWeek Blues —

Why do Christmas decorations always come down and get put away much slower than taking out and putting up?

While Mrs. Jim worked on the tree and the household decorations my job was simpler--just bring in the outside stuff, pack it up, and put it away. Then, of course, my other job was to help with the inside things under Mrs. Jim's directions. I must say that she did most of that and worked very hard at it.

Here is the harder part of the outside stuff:


First I had to get the snowman stuffed back into the little box that it came in. That turned out very simple, just stuff it in and tape the box shut.
Then the two white deer had to be disassembled and boxed and the lights put in their places. That all worked fine too until I stepped on one of the lights. Between a pair of needle nose pliers, a broom and dustpan, and the vacuum cleaner that went fairly quickly still.

I didn't picture everything but these were items either with blue or that caused me some problem. We did have an outside little tree blow over and break the base I had made for it. It too is packed except for the broken base. I will construct a more sturdy base for next year.

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Wow that is a lot of stuff to put up and take back down. We didn't do any decorations this year. It was most pleasant.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
I absolutely hate putting away the decorations. Partly because that means the Holidays are over, and partly because it's so much work! But I do like moving on with the new year and new things... Love the "shove it in the box and tape it shut" plan though. Haha :)
Oh, yes! That certainly makes me blue, too.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Jim!
the hardest part.. putting them away. the excitement is all gone.. hahha.. dropping by for MIdweek Blues
Looks like my house this week Jim. :)
We were gone for the holidays and didn't return until after New Year's.
Another year awaits!
i love putting up the tree and decorations--and this is the part that i hate!:p

kudos to you and Mrs. Jim!

Midweek Blues
It probably takes as much time to put everything up but doesn't seem as long because it's more fun and filled with anticipation. :)
we have white deer too
my son takes care of them and it usually crates a lot of muttering and head shaking :)

Hope sends hugs
What fun photos of your work day. I love putting out Christmas decorations but I am also happy to take them down. It looks like you had a lot to do. I love the reflection of your glass door!
It is such a chore...but this year my daughter helped and it went so much faster!

PS. My PC is back and working! :)
Putting away decorations is the worst I think partly because there's no excitement of presents to come.
did you find a green pickle on yourn tree?????i am missing mine
Christmas seems to take forever to get here and then it is gone over night. have a great week!!

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