Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Happy Golfing Buddy — MidWeek Blues — Contest Winners

Meet Jim R. Congratulations, Jim!

Jim made a hole-in-one yesterday while we were playing at Raven Nest. This is a college golf course at Huntsville, Texas, belonging to Sam Houston State University.

It was a par three hole and Jim put the ball into the hole with his seven iron hitting it 137 yards from the tee box.

College golf courses are nice and handy for the students (and faculty). San Jacinto College where I taught has a nice nine-hole course. I would play there several times a week after work. We had no facility for riding carts so most everyone pulled a little two-wheel cart that held the bag. Some carried their bags on their backs.

Jim and Don A. rode together. Some golfers are superstitious although neither Jim nor Don are. Nevertheless they hope to continue riding together as Don also had a hole-in-one a few weeks ago while they were cart mates.

I might add that this golfing group consists of a bunch of fellows from Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class of which I am an associate member.

Generally there are about twelve of us playing. This Tuesday we had only seven as the weather was pretty tough. The temperature was 33°F when we started at nine in the morning. And the cool wind was blowing all day between 15 and 25 MPH. (In the summer the grass is green but now it is brown.)
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Now to the "Count the Dog Biscuits in the Jar Contest" (link)

The winner is Lisa Ricard Claro (link) with a guess of 200.
She was only off by 16; I put 216 dog biscuits in the jar. The whole box (got to remember, they were puppy biscuits).
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How fun. A hole-in-one is a big deal. That's a very long way to go for one shot. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
So when do we get to hear about your hole-in-one? I got a hole-in-one on a miniature folk course one time. That's not quite the same thing, though.
i don't know much about golf but i know a lot of people here who love the game. i was invited to a golf game a few years ago but it was too early in the morning [for me].:p

we have great golf courses here. when i travel to Cebu, i see many foreign tourists travelling with their golf stuff.

Midweek Blues
Congratulations to both Jim R and Lisa, both have something to celebrate. I can imagine he excitement on the course with that hole in one!

Thank for the heads up with my missing label. I corrected it.
I've never played golf but know a hole in one is a very big deal! :)
Congrats to Jim R. and congrats to Lisa for winning the contest.
Hope you're having a good week Jim.
Congrats to Mr. Jim on his hole in one. My son is a golfer and played for his high school and made it to State. He played his freshman year of college as well.

Happy golfing!
Congratulations. Nice to be out on the golf course! We are in the deep freeze...
That's great on the hole in one! Whoop whoop!! And I was so far off on the dog biscuit count, wow! Congrats to the winner!!
I understand how this game works though, but I don't play, congrats!
Midweek Blues here
I confess to knowing nothing at all about golf. I tried to play many moons ago and was so bad at it that the person who was teaching me agreed I'd be better off basket weaving. LOL

I'm tickled to have won your contest. I guessed high and kept my fingers crossed. Glad to know my estimate was reasonably close.
I live in Japan, and here, if you get a hole-in-one, you're obligated to give very expensive gifts to the other members in your party! A typical gift is a real Rolex watch!!! Most good golfers get golf insurance.

Enjoying your blog!
nice outdoor shots
golf courses are such pretty places
love the handsome happy faces

Hope sends hugs
i do not DO NOT believe that there are 212 dog bisdquits in that jar<><>lier lier pants on fire
If you started the round at 33 degrees, you're tougher than I.

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