Sunday, March 20, 2011

Abbey Road Baptist Church, London, U.K — Eight things to do in London things 03

Happy Spring! It starts at 6:21 PM per my calendar.

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.
Psalm 122, Verse 1 (King James Version)
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Turn right into this intersection and you will be on London's Abbey Road of Beatles Jacket fame (link). Generally there are quite a few tourists taking pictures of each other crossing the Abbey Road street as were the Beatles in that record jacket. Driving, you might want to take another route if you are in a hurry as pedestrians have the right of way crossing in the marked crosswalks.

Then Abbey Road Baptist Church (Google link) is almost another block on the right, opposite the Abbey Road Recording Studios. We visited this church again while we were in London during February and March.

On the right below the minister is presenting the church's oldest member a bouquet of roses for her birthday while the congregation is singing her the Happy Birthday song. She was in her ninety's but I didn't catch exactly how old she is. Every visit we have made this lady is in attendance.

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I have so many blogs to catch up on .. your the lucky one tonight :) I will say hello here .. 'hello' .. and assume you are still in London .. as I've not gone too far back in reading (yet). It's nice to have a church away from home when you visit your daughter. Give Mrs. Jim my best wishes for a bright spring.
Wow, this church is impressive to say the least. I would love to take in a sermon here.

I changed my template back to what it was before. You weren't the only one that couldn't comment. Thanks for telling me.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
dear know it is spring today and yesterday, the last day of winter was nathan's birthday..i just couldn't do it without you..can you sing the little gift a happy birhday song?..he is 15 now and i am afraid that there is a whole lot of celebrating going on! mrs. mac's blog, at felisol's blog, at my blog and at the sisterhood of the traveling scarf blog....adi tried his hardest to deliver a song but the quartet muffed up the name!..ha!
what say mr. jim?..could you help a girl out?..thanks! if you terry
spent 1 whole year in london<><<
Dear Jim,
I wonder if we were in London at the same time? What a shame we didn't meet, eh?
I guess you were busy visiting your family, while I was "tubing" all around the city to see what I hadn't seen before, plus some reruns.
That reminds me; I've never been in Abbey Road. Hope there will be a next time.
My favorite church in London is St. Martin-in-the -Fields. There I can relax both in the church room and downstairs in the crypt.
I presume you are back in Texas by now.
All the best from Felisol

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