Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun things to do at the Woodlands, Houston, Mall — MidWeek Blues —

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We had a fun couple of hours or so to spend at the Woodlands, Houston, Mall (link) the other afternoon. Karen, Billy, and KP have been visiting us and Mrs. Jim had a need to run to the mall. It is twenty-seven miles and forty minutes towards Houston from our home. We ended up doing three fun things.

The first fun item was to visit the Disney Store. We wanted to see KP when she saw all the Mickey Mouse stuff there. That was Mrs. Jim's purpose in our coming to the Mall.
Here she is just after giving Minnie Mouse a big hug. Of course Mickey came first but my picture of Mickey and KP only has her holding hold of Mickey's hand.
And then NOBODY leaves the Disney Store without spending money. We bought a organic cotton tee shirt and a pair of Mickey Mouse flip-flops.
Second on our list was to eat. After a little thinking and talking we picked Wendy's at the food court. I like Wendy's because they have free drinks for the seniors (a few offer a 10% discount instead). Mrs. Jim and KP had a vanilla Frosty of which KP drank most of it. I had a chocolate Frosty all by my self. They were both the small size.
Also Mrs. Jim and I each had a Crispy Chicken Sandwich with lettuce but "hold-the-mayo" with a serving of BBQ sauce on the side. We shared a small order of French fries. Our free drinks were senior sized (small) Diet Cokes.
This was a fine meal for three at the cost of one for two. We did get everything off the 'Value Meal' menu for reduced sizes and costs.
We all decided that Wendy's should take lessons from MacDonald's in making French fries. MacDonald's definitely are the best FF's, Wendy's were probably the worst. In fact I will remember that and stay away from them next time. Generally we do not have fries but with KP we decided for the variation

Last but not least on our list was to ride the Merry-Go-Round, or Carousel as some call it. Mrs. Jim calls it a carousel.
KP loved her ride. We were pleasantly surprised too. This Merry-Go-Round ride is the best bargain in Houston as it only cost ONE DOLLAR for KP and Mrs. Jim was free.
Since this was a good thing, it had to end. KP definitely was not ready for it to stop even though I suppose her ride lasted at least five minutes. It was LONG!

After the ride we bummed for a bit. Going out on the balcony was a good thing to do on a nice warm Spring day. At the end of these stores is the Valley parking area and on the other side of the few restaurants there is a stream with a boat taxi to take on around to various places in the Woodlands.
The party was not for us but the food court was decked out for a party. I am not sure which restaurant was hosting.
Oh yes, Since KP liked her Carousel ride so much and it was at a bargain price we all decided that one more ride with be one more good thing. This time KP opted for the green frog (it had a blue riding blanket for the MW Blues post).
This time she didn't cry when it was over and she had to leave. But she did leave one tired little girl. The grandparents were almost that tired too.

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What a fun day indeed. I love riding the carousel too.

I've never cared for Wendy's, but then we hardly ever do fast food. I do remember that McDonald's has great fries. Really great fries.

Have a terrific day. :)
Don't tell anybody since I am from Idaho, but I am not a fan of french fries or other fried potato dishes. The one I tolerate best is hashbrowns, but only with runny egg yolk!

KP is adorable -- especially in that first shot. It sounds like you all had a grand day and I completely understand your exhaustion.
she looks so grown up in the first photo!!
I love the carousel

big hugs to all
That little KP sure is precious! She seemed to really enjoy the carousel! :)
Wow, your Grandaughter is really cute. Glad they had a visit.
I'm glad you didn't get so tired that you had to start bawling.
Yeah, that looks like a good midweek day.
Awwwwwwwwww, Jim, that is such a precious, precious post. She melts our hearts...so adorable she is!!

And thanks for the heads up on Merle being hospitalized. I went directly over from my blog to wish her well!!!
That is a sterling photo of the merry go round - the top picture in this post. Wow. Do you tell what camera you are using? Somewhere?

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