Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Wash for the Week — MidWeek Blues — What I Am Wearing Now

[click on any picture for larger size viewing]
I do my own washing and that's my wash for this week, nice and simple. The best part it all fits in one load. It is typical for summer washes. Note there aren't any LONG SLEEVED shirts.
You are seeing my four of my everyday around-the-house shirts. They are old work shirts that either are too faded and worn for wearing places or are too good to throw away. And besides, they fit me, they are comfortable, and I like them, partly because they are BLUE.
Next in line are eight golf shirts. I wear these a lot going places and doing things. They are comfortable too. I have others but these I really like because they have POCKETS. Generally I carry a lot of junk (pen, notebook, reading glasses, sun glasses, comb, and chap stick) so I need the pocket. Or I could carry a MAN PURSE but I'm not quite ready for that yet.
Far to the right are my dress clothes for last week. I wore the end shirt and the khaki pants to church. I don't know about the checkered plaid shirt as to where I wore it but it did need washing.
Mostly I wear my shirts one time or a day or an evening and then I wash them. The pants I wear until they look wrinkled or get stained from something I SPILL or BUMP INTO. Socks have a different rule, I always put on CLEAN SOCKS when my feet are clean or if they get to SMELLING BAD.
Mostly I look like this around the house except for the hat. The hat I needed to show you how I look out and around but not really going any place fancy or seeing anyone who cares how I look. I need the hat outside to keep the sun out of my face (I wear sunglasses for my eyes) or to keep my hair from blowing when I am driving in my Mustang (1998 GT Convertible) with the top down.
Since my feet don't show real good in this picture you can look below to see that I generally wear sandals or flip-flops like I am today. That is another reason you don't see a lot of socks in the basket above. The hat is just one I wore for the picture and because it is BLUE for blogging today.

Thought I'd show you better my favorite BLUE shirts for being every day or casual. On the left are my old work shirts and golf shirts. On the golf shirts I have other favorites. And did you notice that the shirt I'm wearing today is my fifth and last work shirt with fine blue stripes.
I don't have any more in my size, an extra large. And I can't find any that I like in the thrift shops (new ones are too stiff and stuffy). I don't know what I will do when these WEAR OUT.

- - - - - - - If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking here. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did. Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE or BLUE THOUGHT, you don't have to write.

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Nice to meet you, Jim!
This is a very homey post; laundry is something everyone does, and not many talk about. You seem to have it down pat!
Only you could make a post about weekly laundry interesting! I envy all your summeriness! Flip flops? I just put the snow boots away!
At least you're in shorts. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)
Do you hire out. Hang on to those short sleeved shirts. Yer gonna need them. Do you wear sweatbands down there?
Looking good, Jim! I think you should really consider getting a man purse, even if you think you are not ready for one at this time. I'm sure they have them in BLUE denim. Either that or a fanny pack. :-)
dear mr. jim ...your choir where you are doesn't know what a good singer you are!...i have put a song just for you over at my blog!!
love terry

blue is my favourite colour!
if i explained my wardrobe and had pictures of me in my wardrobe, i would have all the women that blog to me swarming all over me for dates, icognito meetings, and cldestine affairs<><><>i have to dum dum myself down for self preservationOH P.S I SEE THAT YOU TOO HAVE STARTED HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM I would have had<>><>love the putz{ a male who is not impressed by him}
My closet situation is terrible and I could never post about it! But I think blue shirts are the best. We haven't had any weather above about 45 lately, so no short sleeves for us, but baseball caps: oh yeah, always.
How nice that you do your own laundry, and it looks great. I came to visit from my friend Terry's blog.

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