Tuesday, April 05, 2011

New bed — MidWeek Blues — For Katrin, here's why


Katrin had a perfectly good bed. But when we went over to pick her up after our return from visiting Karen's in London there was no bed for her. The lady who keeps her was out but her husband could not find the bed.

That was not a problem for the moment although I helped him look for it and we both gave up on finding it. When the lady came home she called Mrs. Jim per instructions as the husband had given us too low a figure for her keep.

After settling on the fee, Mrs. Jim asked about the bed. She said to come on over. When Mrs. Jim got there this new bed was waiting in the utility room for us. Of course it wasn't Katrin's bed, not the one we had brought.

Then the lady fessed up. Another dog that she had named (neither of us can remember that dog's name) had attacked the bed and chewed it up until it was in pieces of foam rubber scattered on the floor.

We don't know who paid for this new bed. Mrs. Jim knows the dog's owner. Either the owner or the keeper lady paid for it. We don't care who. And Katrin is happy so all is well.

Oh yes, we think Katrin had brought a toy, a little stuffed chipmunk. We think we are ahead so the toy wasn't made an issue.

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If Katrin is happy with her new bed then all is well with the world.

Have a terrific day. :)
Hopefully she likes it. Sometimes they get used to the one they always have and won't go near something new. She is a cute dog!
awww, i'm glad Katrin's bed was replaced. and she looks perfectly peaceful in her new bed. adorable!:p

Midweek Blues
She looks like a lamb.
She looks pretty happy there, all curled up. I kinda think they owe you a toy as well, but you are much too nice and polite to make a big deal out of it.
Thank you so much for all your encouragement, Dr Jim :)

Katrin is a very lovely pet.
May I know if you are on Twitter too, Dr Jim? :)
I don't tweet but I FB just a little with a limited number of Friends.
If Karin is happy and healthy and safe, all is well.

I am enjoying your eagle link. Thanks for sharing!
that's a very nice bed!
She is well camouflaged with the insides of her bed. And such a pretty shade of blue.

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