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Have you had your car read lately? #020 — Six Word Saturday — Three Youthful Finds

Do you remember your youthful driving?

[Click on any picture for larger viewing.]

I am thinking that the drivers of these three cars are progressively older as shown here. They probably didn't have the bad experiences totalled together of six accidents as I did by myself. Three of them were not my fault.

That doesn't count knocking down a road barrier before school. My sister wouldn't count knocking down the neighbor's mailbox either. I feel a little bad about that as I taught her how to drive. Plus, I think Dad was with her when she did it.

This first car goes nowhere fast. Very fast. Just one look at this driver and you will know that she is related to me, Jim. In fact, she is my grand-daughter, KP, out for a spin.

Her race care is in the Incredible Pizza restaurant in Conroe, Texas. The car tipped from side to side as it made it's journey around the track. KP did not like that. I asked Mrs. Jim if the car had a seat belt as that would help stabilize her. Mrs. Jim said yes, but that KP did not like it.

Since she does not like foolishness and the out of ordinary for her involvement in car riding I predict that she will become a very safe driver. She watches out for people approaching her on either side. This car did not have a rear view mirror but she did turn around often to see if other racers were catching up with her. KP definitely gets an AAA+++.

This car arrived downstairs from Karen's and Billy's London flat in the middle of the night. I have it in my mind that it was about two in the morning. Bars close there at 11 PM so they didn't just come from a bar.

The occupants were very noisy and seemed to care less about waking the neighbors up. After some more loud giggling, more discrete chatting and whispering, one jumped out and ran into the building. Eventually the car drove off.

These people were teens out having fun for the night. The car surely was not stolen or they would be more discrete. Probably a concert had been in order and then a light breakfast type meal afterwards. For their sake I do hope no one was in trouble for being out that late. My rating here is ABB+

The driver of this car is obviously on an errand. I believe he or she is delivering a family meal to a flat upstairs above these stores.

There is no Cafe Lidos here on St. Johns Wood High Street (Westminister, London, U.K.). The closest one is down by the Paddington Station, a little over two miles to the South. It is too far to pick up supplies so I am saying a delivery.

Our delivery person then is probably a young male in his early 20's. He dresses well or could be in a Lido's uniform. Probably he is not married, because of the connections he is in position to make, he has a special friend.

The driver obviously flaunted the parking rules as he/she is not in a regulation parking place. Do notice that cars are parked heading either way on this street. The car, even though now being driven in the rain, has been flawlessly kept. I give an AAA+++ for the driver, the car, and the business.
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Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
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How's your driving compared to KP's?:-)

6WS: Missing Mom
I always thought those cars looked like clown cars... LOL
My beloved Sandra and I are teacher her sister, 61 yr old Susan, to drive. Don't ask.

Enjoyed the 6
Fun post, Jim!

I was 26 yrs old when I finally got my driving license, believe it or not! I've always been a very careful driver. Our daughter, however, put many gray hairs in my head, while learning to drive...she drives like her father!
oh my- takes me back to when we really would see how many kids could jam into a up to 12!! once. We all survived thank goodness.
Love the delivery car parked in the opposite direction - how funny! Your granddaughter is so cute! Visiting from 6WS.
I like your pictures! You should have been here today to take a picture of the brand new red convertible Ferrari that was downstairs this afternoon. It was a teenager to pick up his friends... must have been his father's car?!

Glad you didn't mention my driving! Maybe that is why we don't have a car here. :)
My youthful driving was in an orange Gremlin. (Thanks, Dad!) I was the orange blossom special. Before that, I "drove" a bike.
I'm not a good driver I'm afraid to say. :( But I do remember ALL the cars I've had...(Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)
What a fun 6 words - this post strikes a chord because my sixteen year old has just got his learners permit.In Australia that means 75 hours of supervised driving before he goes it alone.

I am not a good passenger (because of past accidents as a passenger)but I willingly climb into the passenger seat, grit my teeth and bare it, because that's what mums do LOL

Cheers, Fi
What a great beginning...I am powerless without my wheels! Great post!
I was never allowed to drive when I was youthful. It was probably safer that way.

Thanks for playing 6WS!

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