Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Week of Blue — MidWeek Blues — Please Guess

. Happy May!
Here is a picture of my Napa Auto Parts calendar for May.
[You can click on any picture for a large view.]
[One more click makes it super large.]
The last week was sort of a blur for me for some reason. These are some of the items that made the my week. Tuesday night we had a senior banquet at the church. A comedian named Paul W. Powell was our speaker. I bought one of his books, "Live Longer; Good Humor to Brighton and Lighten Your Life." I forgot to ask him if I could steal some jokes for the blog. There is a copyright notice up front so most likely I will only use them for Sunday school class.

Wednesday morning I had a lower tooth ground off in preparation for a crown. I had been wearing a temporary filling for a couple of months to make sure it would not hurt which would require a root canal before the crown.

Thursday evening I went to our Church radio club meeting. We studied antennas which was a goo review for me. It was good too that I attended because only four of us showed up. We have about a dozen members. I could have attended a Philco Tech Rep retirement luncheon but that was a ways away in Kemah south of Houston by the Bay. I did not feel like driving 90 miles each way.

Saturday I woke up at 2:30 AM to get ready for the broadcast of THE WEDDING OF THE CENTURY. Watching was well worth the effort. By time for the three o'clock start I had coffee made, the TV's tuned in, and the dogs taken care of. The dogs haven't learned to tell time so to keep them happy since they were up I fed them breakfast.
Amber has been coming down from her loft room. Since we were settled in the living room, she wanted to join us. She promptly found a nice viewing point from Katrin's new blue bed.

Our Karen watched from Green Park, next to Buckingham Place. The evening before she parked herself up close by the street coming in so she could see the goings and comings. And could get some very good pictures.

I got some good pictures of the Royal Wedding. Most of the time we watched ABC because we like Robbin Roberts as she is local, New Orleans and Mississippi. I wasn't much good for the rest of the day. Saturday morning Mrs. Jim had a board meeting for the Family Promise here. I hadn't realized it before but she has agree to serve another three year term.

This was Adi's place when she wasn't laying by my feet besides one of the living room recliners. I think she stayed there to keep Amber away from her bed.

Sunday was BP's birthday. She is living with her family in London now. We sang the Happy Birthday song to her on Skype. She and KP were at her computer for the call. At times KP wanted to steal the show. I made sure that she remembered their family tradition, started by Karen, that one's birthday celebration is to last for the entire month.

This picture is of the north end of our side yard flower bed. The azaleas have bloomed and quit. I had thought perhaps these plants had all been eradicated because everything except the azaleas got cut there (please note the blue water of the neighbor's pool showing through).

But here they are, growing and blooming nicely. I am not sure what they are but we call them elephant plants. They grow large green leaves and the plant stands about four feet high during the summer.

Monday at noon we had a men's program with a speaker. I hope to tell of that more later. In the evening my Sunday school class had supper at Luby's. Mrs. Jim and I attended that. Today she played golf but tonight we are going to a meeting on how to protest the assessment to lower our property taxes.
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If you want to post a MidWeek Blues picture, go get directions from Rebecca by clicking here. She has a Mr. Linky and good directions . Just do what I did. Or do less. All she requires is a BLUE PICTURE or BLUE THOUGHT, you don't have to write.

What is this?

Honestly, I cannot remember what it is.

I cannot remember why I took it either but it was taken this week with Mrs. Jim's camera.

There may not be a correct answer. And for sure there won't be any prizes.

So again, I ask:

Please Guess,

What it this thing?

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It is a pair of glasses, or at least the frame of a pair of glasses.

When I was growing up my did bought a brand new Ford Fairlane 500, except it was a hardtop. Way cool cars.

Have a terrific day. :)
It is the corner of a pair of glasses!

You have been busy! So much to share. I watched the wedding too. Your Amber has the color fur of my Amber's hair when she was little. Now there are only hints of it in the sunlight. But my Amber is human.

Thanks for the heads up with Mr Linky. He gives me so much grief! It is fixed now.
Yepp, this definitely must be a pair of glasses. Thanks for making me feel intelligent!
How come I didn't know you were Fathering a cat+ I definitely have some updating to do.
Skype is great connecting people, I agree with that.
The only person I Skype with is daughter Serina. It helps filling the empty space.
The Fairlane is great.How I once did adore the pale blue and cream colors.
that ca THAT CAT is jasper bell come back alive, a boy shot ours with an arrow 2 months ago in our back yard but there he is once again, same old ugly orange hair {FUR}with yellow eyes
Looks like a glass penguin to me.

May of what year?
That's the hinge on a pair of glasses and I love the Ford Fairlane. I didn't watch the wedding. I did view your daughter's pics here on your blog, though.

Happy Birthday month to KP.
definitely glass frames

I love the car!!
what a sweet shade of blue

I watched the wedding live too
and also watched ABC
I enjoyed it all

I didn't feed the cats early though as that would make them expect breakfast at 4 AM every morning
I got some dirty looks from Siren ;)

Hope sends hugs
it's me again :)
I'm laughing at the thought of me riding a bike anywhere, let alone from NJ to Brooklyn!!
It's about 40 miles but for me it might as well be 4000

my photo blog template is from Blogger - it's the one called Awesome and I chose it so the photos could be larger yet I still had to play around with the margins and squish the sidebar but I'm pleased with it now

glad you like it :)
Here I clicked over from my reader because I TOTALLY knew it was a pair of glasses--and discover that everyone else has already guessed!

Oh well! I'm still enjoying reading, even if I rarely get to things on the day they're written anymore. When did life get so busy? (That's right, when I got a grown-up, non-school-related job. Can I go back to school life again? A summer off is sounding really nice right about now!)
i love that doggie mr. jim!
love terry

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