Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Operation # 01 — Six Word Saturday —

It is nice to be home

I know that this may sound corny but today and for the next few days I will be writing about my recent surgery.

I had a total left knee joint replacement. It all started here in this office where my knee doctor had moved to since the last time he worked me over. That was either my fall in Ireland back in 2007 or an earlier double arthroscopic repair of my torn left knee meniscus.

He had moved to this office of the HC Bone and Joint Clinic of Houston. It was a newly opened Woodland branch from their established Houston Medical Center main office.

I am home now with Mrs. Jim, KP, Karen and Billy, and Adi, Katrin, and Amber.

Home health has been coming for rehab every day this week. An RN has also been coming out daily to change my dressing. That part will stop now as Holly, Dr. Price's Pa, removed my staples this Thursday. Dr. Eric Price is my orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor.

There were some interesting situations, some good an some not so good, associated here with the surgery. These and my more recent health findings I will tell about soon here on my blog.

Next will probably be about my "BOUT WITH Diarrhea."
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that looks like it hurts! my knees is hurting just lloking at is! :(

looks like ya got some good help, at home! :)

and a little over share with the (Diarrhea) Don't ya think! :P

take care
I hope you have a quick and easy recovery!
Yikes, that's some serious stitches. Get well soon.

As for your last issue? I hope you can make it to the bathroom in a hurry. Just saying.

Have a terrific home. :)
Hope Mrs. Jim will take really good care of you! You will be back to yourself in no time! Hard to keep a good man down!
Oh my such great and powerful photo we can almost feel the pain I do believe! Hurry back to health!
Hi Jim ~~ Wow-that is an impressive
knee operation. I hope it hasn't given you too much pain.
Thank you so much for your concern and prayers for my cardiologist appt.tomorrow. I will have a grand -daughter with me so that will be a comfort. I do hope the problems soon clear up for you Jim and I will include you in my prayers as well.Glad all the folks are there to help you recover. Take care, Regards, Merle.
those are some mighty mighty staple stictches!!
I'm glad you're home

take it easy

Hope (and me too) sends hugs
Wishing you and full and speedy recovery. It's always great to be back home.
Hi Jim, glad you are coming along good, Omar can sure sympathize with you, he has had both knees done, and did great. It is really something. Take Care and keep up the good recovery. Cuz Onie
Those are some insane stitches. Here's to a speedy recovery!
Hi, JIm,
You've been some rough times just now. My aunt and my cousin went through the same procedure this early spring.How I've never seen anything a brutal as these staples. Iiiijk.
The Americans are doing a somewhat thorough job. Hope you soon get rid of these metal clips. It' giving me the creeps. Must be connected with horrible pains.
Hope you get a better artificial swing on your golf clubs later on.
Best wishes from Felisol

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