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All dressed up and ... — Six Word Saturday — My knee today — Adi still watches after me

.My knee report and picture of my guard dog, Adi are at the bottom here.
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What to

do on



This looks like a simple question with a simple answer. (Hint: go to the beach)

Go to the beach it will be. KP has her twin buckets and is decked in a cool beach cover-up, matching Minnie Mouse Flip Flops, and a nice shade making sun hat. Mrs. Jim said she did have her bathing suit on as well.

There is one problem. The beach is at Galveston, Texas, over a hundred miles to the south and KP doesn't have a car. Nor does she drive on streets yet if she did have have a car.

Note: KP was here a week ago plus a little visiting us from LONDON, U.K. Also visiting were her Dad, Billy (pictured), her Mom, Karen (our daughter), and big sister, BP.

Or, KP can play drums:

KP plays a mean pot and wooden spoon drum. In fact she can play two drums at the same time. You can imagine how much noise all this makes!

Billy and Karen pulled off a good trade. The gave KP two bright pails, one orange and one blue, with two matching shovels. Those pretty pails don't give off nearly as much noise as do the pots. In fact we all can stand her playing them even in the house.

I am sorry that I didn't take her picture playing with the pails and shovels. But someplace, I have an old video of her playing the pots and spoons.

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My knee is progressing pretty good. Today is three and a half weeks after surgery (total left knee joint replacement). I go in to therapy three days a week (MWF) for an hour each day. I have just started riding the bicycle. Today in five minutes I rode 0.32 miles.

Except for the bicycle I can do all of the exercises at home now just fine. But going there keeps me motivated. Plus they check to see that I'm doing things right. Home health stopped with their PT help and their nurse. Mrs. Jim appreciated their changing my bandages but other than that there wasn't much for the nurses to do.

Some have been wanting to check on Adi and her aging situation. She still watches after me and not much gets by her even if she can't hear.

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a walk on the beach, would be nice.

KP, is a doll.

how are ya getting along with your knee?
I'll take her to the beach. I love the beach. But I haven't been there in years to actually swim although I have been there to walk in the sand barefoot.
She looks so cute in her outfit.
KP is adorable. You could always invest in a sandpit in the garden :)
I was also going to suggest a sandpit in the garden! Then she could sit 'on the beach' and play her drums too.
Whew! I was worried, before I read on, that you were going to the beach. That'd be the worst thing for a new knee.

KP's cutie.
I'm all for going to the beach!
LOve the beach myself and KP is a real cutie. You must have loved having them visit :-)

My word verification 'squitata' - sounds like a squid frittata
I'm glad your knee's proving useful again. KP is lovely: a future Evelyn Glennie-type world famous percussionist?
It's so nice to stop by here each week and see how your knees doing. I think you've made remarkable progress. Way to go on the hard work with PT.
You are progressing amazingly! Have fun at the beach, that is what I would love to be doing right now!!
Hey, we have Smart Balance also, but it's not as good. Try some different stores and see if you can find the Earth'll taste the difference.
Hope you had a great day at the beach! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)
This is my first time here...found you on SWS .... and it won't be my last. That KP is a cutie!!
Please take care, Dr Jim :)

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