Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strange Name — MidWeek Blues — Guess what they do?

Not what you'd think

There won't be any church services here but there may be plenty of wailing and sorrow.

Sorrow will be for our neighbor's pocket book as measured in $$$$Dollars. This truck, from the Church Services company is a part of a foundation repair job on their home. They have been here all last week and aren't finished yet.

To your left in the front yard is a huge pile of dirt. I told Mrs. Jim they must be putting in a basement as there has been so much dirt taken from under the house. I've never seen such a mess. I doubt I would use the Church Services to repair my foundation.

To read about my knee operation since I've last posted a MidWeek Blues, please click here.
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I don't want any major house issues. Not at all.

Have a terrific day. :)
Interesting blue :)
That is a curious name! Kind of funny that they are in construction. Anyway, the bike ride is 16.5 miles round trip, we added a little on at the Seneca Lake end so our ride was about 20 miles round trip.
there are a lot of contractors and plumbers and roofers and all sorts around here starting today
all thanks to Irene!

thanks for checking in
I hope to go find a blue photo now, this house is a wreck and I can't stop cleaning
Yikes! I don't even want to think of any type of home repair. I am feeling relatively lucky getting thru the recent hurrican unscathed. Funny name tho!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...it's most appreciated!

Hi Jim,
It's been awhile since I've visited you.
I thought you were going to tell us they brought services to the community. :) I'm guessing Church is a family name.
Hope you'll let us know how this all turns out. I feel for your neighbor's.
hi, it's me again :)

I wanted to go into the tobacco shop but after trying to find a place to park for 30 minutes I gave up
I'll go back in the fall when that town is not as crowded
I smell plenty of $$$$ in these photo. And same here don't want any major repair at all ^_^

Jim ~ Pretty funny! ~ j///b

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