Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well wishes — Six Word Saturday — Therapy


My six words:

May your clouds have silver linings!

Here are a few pictures of my therapy for getting my new left knee joint total implant up to snuff. My angles are movement from 0 to 115 degrees (after therapy). My doctor's goal is 0° to 120°. I'll need a few more than that to be able to kick myself in the rear (my goal).

The upper pictures are of my 'heel slide' stretch and one of my riding the bouncy ball. Each of these is actually from 'stretch exercise' ideas. My pose was about my max bending for each toward the beginning of two sets of ten pulls and rolls.

I am riding the bicycle slowly for eight minutes. The idea for this ride is not to stretch but rather for exercise of the knees. In eight minutes I am riding 0.7 miles and burn 16 calories.

That means I have a long way to go to reach my sister's progress. She has ridden from Center Point (near Cedar Rapids) Iowa to Western Colorado so far on her stationary bike. I don't know when she started. She is riding for exercise an weight control and not rehab.

I can do all my exercises, there are more than pictured here, at home. I have to go up to our fitness center to for riding the bicycle and for rolling on the bouncy ball. I may have already mentioned that I can drive up there now.

- - - - -

A big wish here also for those who live along our Eastern Coast. This certainly is a storm not to be fooled with. I do wish and pray for the health and safety for all of you.

BTW, we around the Gulf Coast are still patching up after our IKE of three years ago. It takes over six months to restore a flood damaged home, at least it did for us after tropical storm Claudia of 1979 dumped three feet of water in it.
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Good for you- you are working very hard! I hope all your hard work pays off and you get the range of movement your doctor hopes for.
Looks like you are doing well! :)
Looks like steady progress to me, Jim. Keep it up.

Knees can be tricky
I, too, have had a few tricky joints in my time, but that's another whole story.
Sounds like you're doing well. And I love your positive attitude. Thanks for the encouraging words.
In response to your comment on our blog - about the Beerfest. . . Shiner Brewery was actually at the beerfest today. Their booth was always so crowded that we never got around to trying their beer. Maybe next year. Hope your cousin got to join the fun today as the beerfest was in Papillion, a suburb of Omaha. Thanks for stopping by.
Great to see the progress you're making.

I hope you can kick yourself in the rear real soon (you don't often get get to say that and mean it in a nice way).
Great work...keep up the good stuff and smiling....have a great week ahead too!
From my PT earlier in the year, I can just imagine how many actual exercises they have you doing at home. Keep at them - looks like you're doing well!

And no - you weren't the last 6WS by far. Another 10 or so wandered in after you. :)
Yep you need to do all this physical therapy so your knee will work properly. Good for you.

All the folks affected by Irene are in my thoughts and prayers.

Have a terrific day. :)
Glad things are going well for you and your leg :) It's been interesting to catch up every week and follow your progress.
Hi Jim ~~ I am so glad to see you doing so well and working hard at the exercises which is the best way to go. You have done very well.
I am glad that you enjoyed the story of Dad and Cheyenne - it was a good one. Sorry that Adi is too old to walk with you, but still likes to play for a while.
Take great care my friend, Regards,
Glad to hear you are well on your way to recovery. I like your sister's way of calculating her miles. I guess you have a lot of pedaling to do to catch up with her.

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