Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My lucky day — MidWeek Blues — This and That


The first 'That': (there are more at the bottom here)
Did you ever wonder why we never see Ron Paul's wife with him on TV and helping at the campaign?
The reason: She is very busy with her own business making fish sticks.
This was my lucky day yesterday. That was when I opened the mail and found this little check. It was a settlement check for Visa and MasterCard over charges on foreign currency exchanges.

It will really be lucky days as Mrs. Jim and I can both go to eat at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen Restaurant. Maybe Saturday and then a movie? That would be romantic, just a bit.

Mrs. Jim has been feeling puny with a cold or something and now she is getting better. We can celebrate her getting better!

You say, can two eat on Saturday night for $25.07? Yes, we can. We, being over age 62, can eat off Pappadeaux's Senior Menu (link) any time and any day of the week.

Normally we agree on an entree to share and then each have a salad. Their salads are large so sometimes we split the salad and each order an entree. Besides I am off caffeine so I have a cheap drink, my usual water with a lemon and a straw, for no charge.


This and That:
I'm going to rehab now for my back. What I am doing is exercises intended to strengthen my back supporting muscles. My schedule says two weeks, three times each, then two weeks, two times each. Plus walking. My walking goal is to end up at two miles and then I should be ready for walking London. I might can do that now?
Adi is just finishing up her two times a week shots for her arthritis in her left right rear hip. She started walking on three legs. I thought it was a burr in her foot but the vet said arthritis. With the shots she does fine. They will go to once a week or less often but at least once a month. "As needed for pain" they say.
I have started teaching bringing the Sunday school lesson once every three weeks (three of team 'teach'). Teach is a loose word with our bunch. It is a couples class, ages 70 and up. Two of the ladies are in their sixty. So to keep it interesting I try to find items they might NOT KNOW, like King Og last week. They all liked the Og poem (link).
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I hope you and Adi both recover from your aches and pains! I wake up in the morning and take Vitamin I as my husband calls it...Ibuprofen! My daughter just experienced Costochondritis. At 23 y.o. I told her she is too young to have aches and pains!!
It's so good to know that Mrs Jim is feeling better now :)
hello to y'all,

Mr.Jim, hope you and Adi get back moving better!

and glad to hear that Mrs. Jim is feeling better.
all of us here have had colds and the other too, it's no fun

hope ya both have a good time when ya go out to eat! :)
poor Adi! And poor Jim! I hope you enjoy walking around London. Take lots of pics! I was there breifly in 1973. Bet lots has changed since then.

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