Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Memes -- Things in a row -- Two Questions

Happy Australia Day!
I didn't realize so many movie stars are Australian (link).
Guess that's because we don't go to many movies.

Girls in stair step formation

At church the other day I looked over while we they were singing and saw them all standing in a stair step.

I doubt the the mother(?) or lady with them arranged this. Rather I suppose they stood beside their closest friend and it worked out this way.

Notice I said while "they" were singing. I do not sing in church, or at least not much or very often. I used to sing in the choir and in a special men's chorus when I lived in El Paso.

Then when we moved to New Hampshire the choir director there asked for an audition. My results were, "I'd rather not have you sing in my choir." He went on to say that I had a bad ear. I think I do. One voice instructor told me that most bad ears can be trained to be good. I haven't pursued this and probably won't.

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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Poetic Shutterbug for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)

I give Mrs. Jim a performance review once a year. It keeps her on her toes a little better and shows her areas of 'needs improvement.' (link to previous reviews)(you can search my blog using "annual performance evaluation" to find other blog postings where I talk about evaluating her)

Through the years this has helped considerably in our marriage but now since I put the results and findings on my blog Mrs. Jim has become a real trouper. She has always been a fine 'pioneer woman' in her own right.

My Questions:

1. Does the man in your house give the woman a performance rating?

2. Regardless if do or don't, what is your opinion of doing this?

3. Do you really think this would happen? :mad2: LOL :rofl:

Bonus Question: If you gave your children or grandchildren performance reviews would you establish their allowance commensurate with their rating results?


Bonus joke (not original with me. It's been all over the TV talk shows):
Did you ever wonder why we never see Ron Paul's wife with him on TV and helping at the campaign?
The reason: She is very busy with her own business making fish sticks.

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Performance review sounds like marriage is a "job" and one may qualify for a raise or dismissal. We need to continually undergo our own self evaluations and work towards to being the best we can under the direction of Christ.
You'll have to ask the Mister, if he gives me a performance rating. lol Does it count, if I say he LOVES my biscuits and tells me often I'm the best part of him? How does that equate in rating terms?

I belive both partners need to be praised for the things he or she does. Often times, it's all too easy to simply take that person for granted and it's assumed the other person knows how you feel. This leads to feelings of unappreciation. I'm thankful my DH tells me I'm doing a good job from time to time.

We never gave our children an allowance, but rather would buy them something special occasionally to show them we appreciate their hard efforts for helping out or for being a good kid.
Performance review for home makes marriage seems a business entity. Business and marriage don't mix. It's disaster waiting to erupt.

I love the photo of the girls in a row! How comical that they stood that way!

So you weren't accepted into the choir because you had a "bad" ear? Wow. Maybe if you punished your bad ear, it would be good and you would eventually be accepted into the choir.
Hubby and my son will always telling me that i am good enough hheeh even i do not believe it is. Sometimes hubby will tell me that for the scale of 1-5 mine is 6 there is an extra hehhehe. In our family we usually appreciate each others effort if sometimes we rate each other the rating is always high since we all love each other. Anyway, mine is ready.
We do, but I am the instigator. I have to show my man your post! See, you and I have the same reasons for doing this, for me it is th e time we can critique ech other without the other feeling bad, they get to do the same thing. Then we agree to a solution and work on it! It isn't always easy, but I love it. It is also a great time to say the most difficult things in a constructive way. I didn't think anyone would like this idea though. Yahoo! Feeling pretty good I am not alone. Thanks.
My husband doesn't write a performance review, but maybe he does it in his mind.

2. We are not in a good spot where I would take performance review from my husband constructively. It would be a disaster.
Now if things should get better, then I'd feel more open to it. Esp if it works.
Boy howdy would I not want a performance review. It is brilliant to give one.
I haven't sang in church for years. In fact, I can still remember the day I was told, "You certainly do make a joyful sound." I knew my singing career was over.

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